Top 5 Heart Disease Drugs You Can Do Without

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Cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson explains five common heart disease drugs that you can do without.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Jack Wolfson, cardiologist, and today I want to talk to you about 5 conventional heart medications that have risk and have alternatives and you do not need to be on these drugs.

Like anything, check with your doctor first before you stop any pharmaceuticals.

But I want to talk to you about these top 5 conventional heart drugs that you do not need in your life.

Number one, statin drugs. I love to bash statin drugs. Not because I’m just anti-pharmaceutical – it’s just because we don’t need them.

Statin drugs, in the majority of cases, if they work, they work in a very small amount. They lower your risk from here to here. Can we lower your risk all the way down to zero? In many cases, I think so.

We know the statin drugs can’t offer that.

So, with statin drugs of course there are side effects. There are side effects including liver and kidney and muscle, and some are concerned also with brain injury from statin drugs and I’ve seen a lot of those patients who believe that brain injury was caused by statin drugs.

I certainly think so in the case of my father.

So, once again, we are not deficient in statin drugs for cholesterol. We need to work to find our best cholesterol by eating the right foods, getting sunshine, getting sleep, getting the right lifestyle, using evidence-based supplements as necessary.

The second cardiac drug that I think people need to avoid. And that is aspirin.

Aspirin has been billed as the wonder drug. The reality is it causes bleeding, ulcers, all different types of other issues associated with aspirin. You name it. But millions of people are taking it and they don’t need it.

In fact, the American College of Cardiology recognizes that aspirin is contraindicated in healthy women age 65 and under, yet so many people take it thinking it’s preventing something.

Once again, the benefit of aspirin is very, very tiny. Do your research on that. Is there a better way? We are not deficient in aspirin. We’re deficient in things that make for healthy blood flow. Once again, such as the right foods, sunshine, sleep, evidence-based supplements.

Omega 3 fish oil, for example, is a great way to normalize and regulate blood coagulation. Beetroot Powder is also another thing also that is anti-platelet. Helps blood flow that much better.

The third pharmaceutical that I want to talk about is a blood pressure drug, beta blocker category.

Beta blockers have been around for forty years. They help to lower the adrenaline response and we don’t need those drugs either. They cause side effects – fatigue, loss of libido, low energy. All of the adrenaline surge sometimes that people need to get the job done, the beta blockers take that away.

So, let’s come up with a better way for blood pressure. Let’s find the cause of high blood pressure and let’s fix it. And then once again, we just kind of reverse engineer it and go back to diet, sunshine, sleep, lifestyle, physical activity, stress. Look at sleep apnea as a cause of hypertension as well.

Get that all fixed and the symptom and sign that is elevated blood pressure will go away. The pharmaceuticals, if they have any benefit, they’re tiny. They can reduce blood pressure numbers, but they do very little to reduce outcomes, such as heart attacks, strokes and dying.

Number four is another blood pressure category drug of pharmaceuticals and this is ace inhibitors. Ace inhibitors block a certain enzyme in the body – the ace enzyme – that our body manufactures because we need it.

And it’s not that ace inhibitors don’t work to lower our numbers down, but they do have side effects. Certainly, cough would be the most notorious side effect, kidney issues can also be there. Allergic reactions to ace inhibitors are also a problem. So, let’s come up, like I said in number three, with a better way to go after the cause of high blood pressure.

Number five, last but not least, as far as conventional heart drugs is concerned is coumadin.

Coumadin is a blood thinner – heavy duty blood thinner. Some people need it. If you’ve got a mechanical heart valve, you definitely need it.

Other people we can certainly has this conversation, “is that drug necessary?”

And I invite you if you do have atrial fibrillation and the doctor advised you to take coumadin. If you are on coumadin, go to a website called Chads. C – H – A – D -S – V-A-S-C dot org. And that is an online calculator about your stroke risk if you do have atrial fibrillation.

So, go there and check it out and then go back to your doctor and say, “Hey listen. My annual stroke risk is three percent. I realize that’s not zero percent but it’s not 50%. Is there a better way? Is there alternatives?”

And I mention those alternatives all over my website and in my Amazon best-selling book, The Paleo Cardiologist.

So, there you have five conventional cardiac pharmaceuticals that you can do without. There is a better way.

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