Berberine For Immune Support

In a world full of viruses, bacteria and parasites, a strong immune system is absolutely essential. Fortunately, humans have a very robust immune team to defend and support our health. Given the constant contact with potential microscopic invaders, supporting that team with healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. One supplement we love to support our immune defense team is berberine. 

Berberine is a molecule found in the goldenseal plant and is an effective natural supplement for a variety of conditions. Almost 2000 studies in the medical literature support the use of berberine. Given its antibacterial,  antifungal and antiviral properties, berberine is usually found in the supplement aisle next to other gastrointestinal supplements. But today, after so many published PubMed studies, it deserves a shelf of its own. 

Berberine’s multitude of benefits are nothing short of amazing and since “flu season” is on its way, it is important to understand how it affects immunity. Studies demonstrate that berberine inhibits certains strains of the flu virus by blocking enzymatic function. 

In addition, Berberine also hinders influenza-A replication by interfering with the pathways that upregulate the virus. 

Berberine appears to be as effective as pharmaceutical drugs and Big Pharma knows it. It is so effective that there have been attempts to patent the application of it for flu drugs. Why patent something from nature when we can just use nature? 

The flu doesn’t come alone, it brings along inflammation that can cause further issues if not addressed. Fortunately we have berberine that may suppress inflammatory substance release by improving pathogenic changes. Furthermore, over 70% of your immune system resides in your intestinal tract and berberine keeps those pesky pathogens in check.

We recommend our Berbe when people are exposed to a virus or need short term immune support when others are sick around them. The dosage is one cap, 3x per day with food. Berberine does not appear to interfere with pharmaceuticals but check with your pharmacist if you are concerned. Sometimes, mild stomach upset or loose stools is a consequence of berberine use. (Dr. Wolfson has used for years in his patients safely and effectively).

Berberine may be new to you, but the Chinese have studied this herbal for years. Finally, mainstream medicine might be paying attention too. It’s healing abilities are extensive and berberine is worth keeping in your healthy medicine cabinet. 

Check out The Drs. Wolfson Berberine and also take a look at another article titled The 21 Health Benefits of Berberine.

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