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Month: August 2017

10 Things You Can Do To Detox Your Body Naturally

We all hear the talk about cleansing and detoxing to get rid of the harmful chemicals and poisons inside our bodies. And although a cleanse may be a g...

10 Lies About Circumcision

About half of all babies in the U.S. are circumcised. We don’t think circumcisions are healthy, and urge all parents to leave their babies intac...

2017 Natural Choice Award Winner

I’m honored to be named a 2017 Natural Choice Award Winner in the Holistic M.D. category! Thank you for your support Arizona! As many of you kno...

15 Habits for Optimal Health | Infographic by The Drs. Wolfson

Good health is up to each individual person! Here’s an infographic of 15 simple habits that will optimize your health. Put This Infographic On Y...

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12 things in your home that damage your heart.

Discover 12 things in most homes that destroy your heart.

Learn of common household items that destroy your heart, and what you can do about it.