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Welcome to Our Wholesale Partner Program

Could your patients benefit from nutritional supplements? Are your patients eager for better health? Would you like to earn more for what you already do? Then offer your patients the world-class product line from The Drs. Wolfson.

The Drs. Wolfson help physicians build their practice and serve their patients with quality natural health products. We handle product quality and manufacturing. You impress your patients.

What We Offer

TDW Products/Collections

A complete line of quality food-based natural and organic nutritional supplements

Courses by The Drs. Wolfson

Help your patients change their health with comprehensive online wellness courses.

Special Events

Participate in special events that benefit your patients while growing your earnings.

Why Become a Partner of The Drs. Wolfson?


A complete line of natural supplements and products ideal for most patients


Boost your earnings with generous profit margins and affiliate commissions


Marketing collateral and administrative support so you can run your practice.

More Reasons to Join Our Team

  • Earn up to 50% margins on all Wolfson supplements
  • Earn up to 20% commissions on courses and other services
  • Get best prices on Wolfson brand vitamins and supplements
  • Gain access to waiting room and other marketing collateral
  • Monthly partner newsletter to keep you informed of the latest Wolfson news while providing tips to boost sales
  • Dedicated in-house program manager Chuck Bond

How It Works


Apply to partner with The Drs. Wolfson to get the products and tools you need to earn based upon your success.


Buy Wolfson brand supplements at wholesale rates for resell to your patients.There are no minimum order levels and our program manager, Chuck Bond, will be happy to get you started.


Participate in online special events and promotions for additional earnings.


Change the lives of your patients and get paid while doing it!

TDW Products/Collections

We use only the best natural ingredients, in their purest, most effective forms, manufactured in the world's finest laboratories.

  • Complete line of high potency supplements
  • All-natural ingredients with no additives
  • Ideal for all type of patients
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee

TDW Courses

Give your patients life-changing training on important health issues from The Drs. Wolfson.

  • Full array of online, on-demand "how to" training videos on major health issues
  • Generous 20% commission earnings every time your patient purchases a course
  • Average sale of $99 I Average commission earning per course $20
  • We give you the tools needed to drive sales

Special Events

Special online events, health coaching services, books and more to continue your patients on a path to health and wellness.

  • Offer special online learning events from some of the world's leading wellness experts
  • Gain access to presentations and promotions to grow your practice
  • Sell Wolfson health coaching services to patients and earn generous commissions
  • Get Wolfson books at wholesale rates

Join Our Team and Increase Your Revenue Stream

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I partner with The Drs. Wolfson?


The Drs. Wolfson Partner Program invites physicians to become wholesalers of The Drs. Wolfson supplements. Buy supplements at our wholesale rates, resell them to your patients at retail prices, earn profits for your practice.


Why partner with The Drs. Wolfson?


The Drs. Wolfson is one of the world's fastest growing sellers of high potency, high quality nutritional supplements. Your patients can get quality nutritional supplements while shopping our collection of more than 50 supplements aiding most medical conditions. Our information (courses, books and special events) is cutting-edge, science-based natural health and wellness information your patients are sure to enjoy. We back this up with money-back satisfaction guarantee and the industry's finest partner support program.


How much money can I make as a partner of The Drs. Wolfson?


That's entirely up to you! We offer a needed and unique assortment of products, services and events, and provide you with marketing support to help boost your earnings. Your earnings can vary depending upon the products or services sold, how much interest you can generate, and the level of engagement and trust you have with your audience.


What type of physicians are most successful with The Drs. Wolfson Partner Program?


There are a number of different medical specialty physicians that successfully promote our products and programs. All of them share a passion for holistic, natural medicine focused on disease prevention. Chiropractors do exceptionally well with our program.

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