Natural Treatment Remedies for Heartburn

Whoever named heartburn got it wrong. Heartburn has nothing to do with the heart, although its symptoms can mirror those of heart disease or a heart attack.

Millions needlessly suffer from heartburn. Often called GERD or reflux, heartburn symptoms are becoming more frequent in children. This catastrophic trend must stop.

Just about everyone with heartburn thinks that they have too MUCH stomach acid. Most medical doctors believe this as well, forgetting their training from medical school. The public has been duped.

Stomach acid is critical for digestion. That is why humans make it… for a reason. The acid in the stomach breaks down food into tiny little pieces so we can get the nutritional benefits. Stomach acid also kills bacteria, virus, and parasites that may be present in our food (or on the hand of person who made the food).

What Causes Heartburn

The reality is that heartburn symptoms are from too LITTLE stomach acid.

When we don’t make enough stomach acid, we don’t digest our food. When we don’t digest our food, our lower esophageal sphincter (LES) doesn’t function normally. The LES is supposed to block acid from going backward from stomach to esophagus. When the LES doesn’t work because of hypochlorhydria (too little acid), reflux occurs. Once there is a drop of stomach acid in your esophagus, it can be very painful.

Why doesn’t your doctor recognize this? The answer lies in the brainwashing of MD’s by Big Pharma and the fact that pills are easier to push than lifestyle changes. When turning holistic, one of the first books I read was “Why Stomach Acid is Good for You“, by Dr. Jonathan Wright MD. Just the title of the book was mind-blowing. The simplicity of Mother Nature is beautiful. Give the body what it needs and take away what it doesn’t.

Instead, the MD’s are taught to prescribe acid blockers with a whole host of documented side effects. Product labeling says to use these on a short-term basis. Instead, many people take this stuff for years. As a bonus to their bottom line revenue, drug companies got these drugs approved to go over the counter when the patents ran out.

Natural Treatment Remedies for Heartburn

Here are some action steps to recover gastrointestinal function and rid yourself of heartburn:

  • Go organic, and eat a responsible Paleo diet. Grain, dairy, and sugar are all culprits when it comes to digestive disorders. Overweight people and alcohol users are more likely to have reflux.
  • Get adjusted. Sometimes a visit to the chiropractor can restore autonomic tone to your GI tract and therefore improve digestion and get rid of heartburn. Better than a lifetime of pills.
  • Get active. Physical activity and exercise have been shown to lower your risk of heartburn and reflux.
  • Sunshine and sleep help everyone with any condition.  
  • Sip on Bragg’s apple cider vinegar throughout the day.
  • Aloe Vera juice soothes the stomach and symptoms of reflux. Give it a shot. Sip throughout the day.
  • Keep liquids away from meals when possible. Water and other beverages dilute your digestive enzymes and stomach acid.
  • Another way to speed the healing process of digestion is by doing a liver cleanse. There are many different options to detox your liver. Contact us for our Black Box Liver Detox.

We have used digestive enzymes and betaine HCL very successfully to rid our patients of reflux. The protocol calls for taking our DIGEST supplement prior to meals. Increase the number of capsules until you no longer experience heartburn. Over time, your digestion will improve and you can start reducing the number of caps.

Our Foundation 5 contains digestive enzymes and probiotics, two supplements you need to for gut health. In addition to our Foundation 5, try these supplements.

  • Gut Fuel – Supplement to nourish the colon cells. Studies show the active ingredient may benefit heart health as well. No surprise, for when you heal the gut, the heart heals too.
  • Gut Shield – Multiple nutrients for healthy gut support.
  • Gut Repair– Tasty powder to help with gut inflammation. Works well with Paleo Cleanse, our delicious protein powder with ingredients to support liver and gut function.

Your best results may be working with a doctor of chiropractic to get your GI tract back on track.


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