Natural Treatment Remedies for Allergies

Here’s good news. Most of you that suffer from allergies can feel better without symptoms. You can get rid of your allergies. And best of all, it can be done naturally, without shots or prescription medications!

Many of my patients came to see me while suffering from allergy symptoms. Some had allergies for years and many complained they were getting worse with age. However, with a few basic nutritional and lifestyle adjustments (relax, they are easy to do), allergy symptoms become a thing of the past.

What Causes Allergies?

Most of my patients blame pollen in the hair, pet hair, dust and things like that as the cause of their allergies.

However, these are merely triggers – things that activate the allergy.

Your immune system mistakes these triggers in your environment as threats, and it acts accordingly. It responds to these triggers and it attacks them. The miserable allergy symptoms are the result.

Allergy symptoms are caused by immune system deficiencies. Heal the immune system, strengthen it, and you can be done suffering from allergies.

If you have read other content from The Drs. Wolfson, you know that poor nutrition and environmental pollutants are the big categories of destruction to our health.

Allergy symptoms are from the same causes as all other disease.

Allergies start in the gut. So does your immune system. In fact, about 80% of your immune system is inside your gastrointestinal tract. If we have a healthy gastrointestinal tract, allergy symptoms will resolve themselves.

One of the most crucial factors to a healthy gut is good bacteria. You see, the bacteria in our gut support the first line of defense against harmful stuff getting into the body. What do I mean by harmful stuff? I am talking about undigested food particles, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, and nasty infectious material.

The harmful stuff creates a leaky gut. The leaky gut allows toxins to get into the body. The immune system kicks in and symptoms result. In this case, symptoms are sneezing, congestion, and itchy eyes. Autoimmune conditions follow the same path.

We should have trillions of healthy bacteria in our GI tract. Those healthy bacteria communicate with the cells of our intestines, creating a strong barrier and preventing a leaky gut.

But what happens if we take antibiotics, drink chlorinated water, or use fluoride toothpaste? You guessed it, gut bacteria are damaged. The same damage occurs from birth control pills, pain pills, acid blockers and steroids. It can even be caused by poor food choices.

Genetics can play a role in allergies, although allergies are not passed down from generation to generation. A tendency towards allergies could be inherited. That’s because we’re exposed to whatever our mother, grandmother and great grandmother were exposed to. Gut bacteria is directly passed as we come out of the birth canal and breastfeed.

Vaccines can play a role in allergies as well. The stated purpose of the vaccine is to rev up your immune system against viruses and bacteria. Is it possible that the immune system is now hyper-responsive to other environmental factors entering your body? The Drs. Wolfson think so.

Natural Relief Remedies for Allergies

Here are some great natural ways to get relief for allergy symptoms:

  • Avoid vaccines. Vaccines weaken your immune system and make it hyper-sensitive in negative ways. A strong immune system keeps you healthy.
  • Eat organic Paleo foods. Also eat fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha. These foods help promote healthy gut bacteria, which is vital for immune system health.
  • Avoid environmental pollutants. Household cleaning and personal care products are loaded with toxins that weaken your immune system. Use toxic-free products. Here’s a list of stuff we use in our home or office. Stay away from chlorine, fluoride and metals. Minimize EMF from mobile phones, computers, TV, etc., as the increase the risk of allergies.
  • Drink water. Not bottled water. Drink quality water from a glass.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes a day in the sun. The sun works wonders for GI health. The sun gives your body vitamin D, and a vitamin D deficiency is linked to the risk of allergies. Get your vitamin D the way nature intended, from the sun.
  • Your body needs proper sleep for recovery. Sleep allows your immune system to heal.
  • Get chiropractic care. The Doctor of Chiropractic keeps your neurologic system healthy. A healthy neurologic system promotes healthy immune system function. 
  • Take nutritional supplements. In addition to our Foundation 5 (which includes probiotics), here are five additional supplements to boost the health of your immune system:
    • Superfood is a combination of chlorella and spirulina that works wonder for allergies. Get this medical food into your life today!
    • Super B is a fantastic B complex that supplies extra nutrients that your body needs. While you are healing a leaky gut, absorption of many B’s may be diminished. The B’s support healthy immune function. Take extra.
    • Detoxicore is packed with nutrients to support your immune system. A healthy immune system decreases the likelihood of allergies.
    • Super C is a high potency vitamin C supplement. When it comes to immune support, nothing beats C.
    • Immune Boost is a glandular product to impact immune health. Give it a try.


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