Natural Treatment Remedies for High Cholesterol

Have you been told your cholesterol is too high and you need to take a drug? Cholesterol lowering drugs are dispensed like candy at the doctor’s office. Turn on the TV or radio and you are assured to hear a commercial about cholesterol dangers and why you need a drug to lower your numbers. Even your next-door neighbor or work colleague is bragging about the drug that lowered their numbers.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Millions of people swallow pharmaceuticals to lower cholesterol. This is totally unnecessary. Read on and learn why.

The Truth About Cholesterol

What the media and medical doctors fail to mention is that the body makes cholesterol for a reason. In fact, all animals make cholesterol.

The truth is that cholesterol serves many purposes including protecting our cells, forms vitamin D, digestion, and making hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.

Sound important?

So why does Big Pharma want us on drugs. Well, these corporations make money selling drugs, not by promoting health and wellness. See, they can’t make money from you or your insurance if you are healthy.

Surprised? Probably not.

Two Types of Cholesterol

Cholesterol is made in the liver and travels around the body in two major ways: LDL particles and HDL particles. Think of these particles like buses. They take off from the liver and transport passengers around the body. Who are the passengers? Cholesterol, Co Q 10, vitamins, triglycerides (for energy) and other fats to build cell membranes.

LDL is often called the “bad” cholesterol. As if the body would deliberately harm us. No, LDL has a purpose. HDL particles have a role as well. In addition to transporting nutrients around the body, these particles are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, and a significant part of the immune system. The complexity of our body is beyond comprehension. A work of art, if you will.

Do Prescription Medicines Help?

Cholesterol was found at the crime scene in coronary artery disease. It wasn’t guilty, but it was there. Big Pharma put cholesterol and LDL under arrest. Pharma figured that if cholesterol was in plaque, then lowering it would be a good idea.

Sadly, the class of drugs collectively known as statins has very little to zero benefit in many people. But drugs makers need something to sell and have made 100’s of billions off this fallacy. Medical doctors have nothing else to recommend besides drugs, as most were never trained in lifestyle or diet. Essentially, doctors have nothing for prevention.

LDL and cholesterol were at the crime scene to catch the criminal, but were falsely accused. Damage to the blood vessel lining from poor nutrition and environmental pollutants were the real villains in this case.

As we have discussed, cholesterol and the other lipids particles have a purpose. But levels can be too high. Cholesterol levels above 260 are a problem. Excess LDL particles are a problem. Sometimes we need some additional support to get our numbers in line and closer to our “Paleo” cholesterol, the level our body would naturally achieve if we were around in Paleo (pre-historic) times.

High cholesterol is caused by poor nutrition, obesity, lack of physical activity and environmental pollutants. It can be lowered to normal levels naturally, without Big Pharma medications.

Natural Treatment Options for High Cholesterol

  • Eat organic Paleo foods. Your body was engineered to perform best with Paleo foods. It’s the fuel your body needs for optimal health. Your body will make the cholesterol it needs and stop making the excess it doesn’t. HDL will travel around the body as designed, picking up excess cholesterol and taking it back to the liver for reprocessing. You’ll establish and maintain your ideal body weight, as people on a Paleo diet are not overweight. You’ll be eliminating sugar, processed foods and most carbohydrates. Eat only organic Paleo as most foods are covered with pesticides which destroy your health.
  • Get sunshine: The sun converts cholesterol into vitamin D. Maybe your high cholesterol is not an excess of production, but is actually a sunshine deficiency. No sun where you live? Move!
  • Get active. Daily outdoor physical activity is a must for people with high cholesterol. Walk, bike, hike, run and do other basic exercises each day outside. Play a sport. Even things like gardening and playing with the kids at the park helps. Outdoor activity allows you to enjoy the benefits of the sun, breathe better air and avoid the toxic cleaning chemicals used in most indoor gyms.
  • Get rid of toxic chemicals. The chemicals in most household cleaning and personal care products are destroying our health. If it is not natural, don’t bring it into your home or life. Here’s a list of things we use in our house.

Nutritional Supplements for Lipids

Let’s face it. Most people are not on the perfect diet or perfect lifestyle. They need some additional support, but we can do this without pharmaceuticals. Sometimes, your body is damaged from many years of unhealthy habits. This is where nutritional supplements can help.

Probiotics are proven to assist with healthy cholesterol levels. In fact, gut health is essential to heart health. I have no doubt that the multivitamin and omega-3 fish oil also impact our lipid levels.

In addition to our Foundation 5, here are a few products that can lower your high cholesterol and many other health problems:

  • Superfood – Chlorella and spirulina are protein-packed microscopic algae. They may be small, but their impact on cholesterol is huge. One trial found that spirulina lowers total cholesterol by 47 points! It is a food that gets your numbers where they need to be. We suggest adding the Superfood to our Heart Beet and Daily Greens.
  • Berbe – Our berberine product that supports healthy LDL and HDL numbers. Berberine also improves blood sugar, gut health, and kills bad bacteria.
  • Garlic Force – Known for its health benefits for centuries, garlic supplements are fantastic in support of healthy cholesterol levels.


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