4 Reasons to Avoid Getting a Flu Shot

When it comes to the fighting the flu, it’s a money driven illness.

It seems like EVERYONE is pushing the flu vaccine. The government needs you to buy the flu shot because health care is the number one driver of our economy. Go into most any drug store and you’ll see ads for flu shots. Our local Safeway store will give you 10% off your grocery purchase if you buy the flu vaccine from them.

But is the flu vaccine effective?

At making people money, yes. At protecting your health, no.

Many medical experts, including The Drs. Wolfson, feel that flu shots do more harm than good.

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Here’s why we are against the flu vaccine for adults, children and the elderly (for everyone):

# 1 – It Weakens Your Immune System

Your immune system keeps infectious microorganisms out of your body and fights any that happen to get through and invade your body.

It’s your body’s natural defense system against the flu and the flu shot destroys it!

Researchers at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that getting the flu shot weakened immune system response in subsequent years!

The US Center for Disease Control says, “Older people with weaker immune systems often have a lower protective immune response after flu vaccination compared to younger, healthier people. This can make them more susceptible to the flu.”

Not only does a weakened immune system increase the odds of getting the flu, it skyrockets the risks of getting other diseases like cancer!

# 2 – It Contains Ingredients Harmful to Your Body

Mercury, formaldehyde, detergent, flu virus…the list of junk in the flu vaccine goes on and on.

Does this sound like stuff you want injected into your body?

Mercury alone has been shown to cause cardiovascular issues, memory loss, ADD, digestive imbalances, depression and lots of other ailments. I discuss this extensively in my book.

Formaldehyde is known to cause cancer, according the CDC. As a cardiologist, the data on formaldehyde and blood vessel damage is of major concern. See the source here. Formaldehyde is extensively linked to dementia.

I think you’d agree that cancer and cardiovascular issues are much worse than the flu. They kill more people.

So why the push for the flu shot? The government needs a healthy economy and companies need to make money. It’s not about your health. It’s all about the money.

# 3 – It Doesn’t Work

Proponents of the flu shot say it has limited impacts, and they feel it works best when the flu vaccine is well matched with most circulating flu viruses.

Here’s what that means.

Drug companies each year develop flu vaccines based upon what they believe will be the strains of flu virus during the flu season. These vaccines are developed 8-10 months before they are needed, and are based upon projections and forecasts. You and I would call them “guesses.”

Most of the time, drug companies guess wrong.

Even the CDC says that the flu shot is effective only 50% of the time. Based upon what we’ve seen during our medical careers, that number is quite generous.

Why expose yourself to cancer and cardiovascular disease to fight the flu? That makes no sense. And let’s say for a minute the science is wrong and that the flu shot doesn’t cause those diseases. Do you really want to take the chance for something that even its proponents claim is only effective 50% of the time? 

# 4 – There Are Natural Alternatives That Are More Effective

As we said earlier, the best way to combat the flu is with a healthy, strong, thriving immune system.

There are natural ways to strengthen the immune system. Yet main stream public health officials and drug companies never promote the proven ways to avoid the flu naturally. No one makes money if you prevent the flu naturally. That’s a big problem.

Here are our tips for naturally boosting your immune system.

Concerned about your health and well-being? We’ve got you covered.  Schedule a FREE call with a Drs. Wolfson health coach and get the guidance you need. Just click HERE and pick your coach. 

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