9 Ways to Naturally Prevent Ear Infections in Toddlers
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The best way to prevent ear infections in toddlers is to reduce the risk factors associated with them. We’ve shared with you the top ways to treat ear infections naturally in toddlers. Now, here’s our list of the top ways to PREVENT ear infections in toddlers.

1. Proper Natural Prenatal Care

Most mothers understand that that what they do during pregnancy impacts the health of their child. The healthier the mother, the healthier the child.

For optimal health, a mother should eat a Paleo diet as an on-going dietary choice. Eat only organic foods, wild seafood, and free range, grass-fed meats and poultry. Here is some more information about our Paleo Nutrition Pyramid, along with some Paleo-friendly recipes.

Avoid exposure to the harmful toxins in household cleansers and personal care products. Here’s a great list of non-toxic household cleaning products. You can find non-toxic personal care products at Dr. Bronner.

Keep reading our blog, as we’ll soon be publishing a complete, comprehensive blog post about natural prenatal care tips for healthy children. There are three other quick tips we want to share now though about prenatal care:

  1. Get lots of sleep. Sleep rejuvenates and replenishes your body, and is helpful in supplying your baby with much needed nutrients.
  2. Avoid stress. Engage in activities that calm your mind and your soul. Stress harms you and your baby.
  3. Take natural, high-grade supplements, like multivitamins and probiotics.

2. Homebirth

There are many reasons to homebirth. But let’s just say that avoiding the hospital and all the associated toxins is paramount. By planning for a homebirth, you are much less likely to wind up with a C-section, a surgical birth that deprives your baby of immune-boosting probiotics.

3. Boobs, not bottles

Don’t bottle-feed babies, even if it is breast milk fed through a bottle.

Mother nature intended skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby during feeding. Not only is it an amazing bonding opportunity, but it’s also lifesaving as well.

This skin-to-skin contact is what allows the baby to get breast milk tailored to their every need. When sick, the babies’ saliva sends signals to the mother’s body through the nipple. This tells the mother’s body what antibiotics and other factors are needed to heal and protect the baby. A mother’s breast milk can change hour to hour, depending upon the needs of the baby.

There is no way a bottle can replicate this vital protective process.

4. Natural Immunity

This will be the most controversial tip we’re going to give you about preventing ear infections in toddlers.

Learn the truth about vaccines. Vaccinations are purported to boost the immune system so it fights off things like ear infections. The proof of efficacy is minimal. That’s why more antibiotics are prescribed for ear infections in the US than any other ailment.

Vaccinations can actually harm the health of toddlers long-term. See more than 123 reports supporting that statement.

Vaccines are not the answer for healthy children. Protect your child by following these natural tips. Don’t forget to get a copy of our vaccine information seminar, Wide Awake.

5. Regular Chiropractic Care

As a child growing up, Dr. Heather experienced first-hand how chiropractic care can prevent ear infections in toddlers. Her father was a chiropractor!

Every day in her practice, Dr. Heather sees healthy toddlers without ear infections benefiting from chiropractic care. And science supports Dr. Heather’s results with her patients.

The Journal of Chiropractic Medicine published its evaluation of 49 articles and case studies concerning the benefits of chiropractic care in preventing and treating ear infections. Their findings conclude that chiropractic adjustments for toddlers are very effective in preventing ear infections. Osteopathic manipulation has proven benefits as well.

Find a chiropractor in your area who specializes in pediatric care. You’ll be glad you did.

6. Feed a Paleo Diet

Feed your children the Paleo diet. It’s the food our ancestors ate, and their bodies and immune system are engineered for peak performance with Paleo foods.

We urge you to spend time learning about the Paleo diet. And bookmark our blog, as we’ll be publishing lots of toddler-specific Paleo diet information in the future.

In addition to Paleo foods, make sure you feed your kids organic foods. These are foods that are not genetically modified, or treated with harmful antibiotics or pesticides. Feed them wild seafood, and grass-fed, free-range meat and poultry.

7. Give Them Supplements

Due to air pollution, water pollution and the deterioration in the soil, even the best organic foods lack the quality nutrition your child needs for healthy living.

Give them organic natural supplements. These supplements will supply their bodies with natural ingredients for immune system support. We believe every child should have a multivitamin, probiotic and green’s drink every day.

8. Proper Sleep

Toddlers should sleep with their parents. Called “co-sleeping,” this practice has numerous health benefits for your child. Co-sleeping keeps your child’s immune system healthy.

Co-sleep with your children and they will let you know when they are ready to transition to their own bedroom. Get ready, this may be when they hit puberty.

It’s important toddlers and young kids go to bed when the sun sets and wake up with the sunrise. Again, kid’s bodies were engineered for thousands of years with this sleeping pattern. It’s the one to follow for strong immune health (which fights ear infections) in children.

9. Clean Indoor Air

Indoor air quality is estimated to be five times worse than outdoor air (and we all know how polluted in some areas that can be).

Studies show kids exposed to cigarette or marijuana smoke are more likely to have ear infections. Steer clear of second-hand smoke.

You may also consider purchasing an indoor air purification system. Health sometimes comes with a cost, but it’s an investment sure to benefit the health of your child for years to come.

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