Can Congenital Heart Disease Be Prevented?
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A sick child is the most devastating thing in the life of a parent. Protecting your kids is the number one job of a mom or dad, so to sit by helpless, nothing can be worse. A baby born with heart defects is often a serious and life-threatening diagnosis.

My heart goes out to TV personality and comedian Jimmy Kimmel and his family. He made news recently talking about his baby’s heart defect. Our prayers are with his child for a speedy recovery and a lifetime of happiness.

Fortunately, 21’st century medicine/surgery often has a solution when it comes to many diagnosis. Sometimes, the skilled surgeon can correct the heart defect (congenital heart disease or CHD) of an affected baby and save their life. The baby can have a corrected heart, yet the heart is still “different” and affected by changes that occur after any surgery. A life-long feeling of concern will plague family and child. But the child is alive, whereas they may not have been without the surgical corrective procedure.

But what if congenital heart disease was preventable? What if there were known risk factors identified that put a developing baby at risk? What if there were behaviors in mom or dad BEFORE conception?

To me, the vast majority of disease is from poor nutrition, environmental pollutants, lack of sunshine, lack of sleep, and stress.

The Cause is the Cure

We know that smoking and alcohol consumption leads to congenital heart disease (CHD).

We know that moms exposed to air pollution have a higher risk of CHD.

We know that women who work in agriculture OR live around ag have a higher risk of CHD.

And also- dry cleaning, laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, perfume, lotions, hair spray, nail polish and polish remover, glue/adhesives.

And pharmaceuticals….

And herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides.

And heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and aluminum lead to CHD.

Obese moms have a higher risk of delivering a baby with CHD.

So Much is Unknown

Many more factors are likely involved. Diet undoubtedly can impact risk of CHD. Lack of sunshine and lack of sleep likely play a role. Stress can lead to differences in how DNA is read and birth defects ensure. Genetic predisposition could be a factor.

An Ounce of Prevention….

Here is our game plan for delivering a healthy baby:

1) Get healthy BEFORE getting pregnant.

2) Avoid toxins and pollutants WHILE pregnant. This includes vaccines, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and environmental pollutants.

3) Eat organic Paleo foods.

4) Get adjusted regularly by a chiropractor

5) Get sunshine.

6) Get sleep.

7) Get relaxed. Monthly massage too.

8) Take evidence-based supplements including a quality multivitamin, extra methylated B vitamins, and omega fish oil. Take probiotics too.

Again, our thoughts are with the Kimmel’s and all the other families like theirs.

Let’s follow nature’s wisdom and prevent CHD in the next generation. – Air pollution – Smoking, agriculture , solvents, poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – Aspirin and NSAIDS  – Maternal obesity


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