Why We Use Thermography Body Heat Thermal Scans

Inflammation is a buzzword in healthcare these days.

Inflammation, irritation, and oxidative stress are signs that your body is angry. Your body shows signs of this “anger” in elevated blood tests consistent with inflammation. When irritated, your body also generates heat.

There is a non-invasive, non-radiation-based test that can help doctors hone in on the site of heat and guide us to find the source of inflammation.

That test is thermography.

Many of us know we have inflammation, however we don’t always know where it is coming from or how it is impacting other areas of our body. That’s where thermography can help.

Thermography detects the heat map of your body. No radiation, no contact with your body and safe for any age group, males or females.

The way it differs from other radiation-based tests (like mammography) is that a thermogram looks at physiological changes vs. looking for anatomical objects.

Typically, when we use thermography as a regular screening tool, we can see physiological changes over time in the body before we can detect a physical object.

Sometimes years before!

Thermography uses a state-of-the-art digital infrared camera that is specifically calibrated to the human body. Through this infrared image we can see the heat patterns emitted from the skin. Our imaging uses both inverse gray (to see vascular inflammation) and the rainbow colors to see the heat and inflammation from other areas.

It is FDA cleared and has been for over 40 years. It was the screening method for breast cancer before it was decided that mammograms should be the gold standard.

Do you need a mammogram?

The Drs. Wolfson never recommend mammograms for screening. Radiation CAUSES cancer, so why use it in the name of prevention. We have written blogs posts explaining this issue. A review of 600,000 women found ZERO lives saved. See reference below.

Thermography can help us know where to look more closely at an issue. When used properly as a regular monitoring tool, it can show physiological changes over time.

One of the many things a thermogram show us are signs of lymphatic congestion. Our lymph system is vital to our immune health. When the lymphatics are congested the immune system is compromised and so is our health. Thermograms can guide us to underlying mouth disease that even the dentist doesn’t detect. Oral health is paramount and we know that it is a major contributing factor to heart disease and other issues.

When we are trying to find root cause for disease, thermography provides a unique perspective that the doctor can use to correlate these images and findings with other tests and patient history to best come up with an individualized treatment plan.

We feel so strongly about thermography, we offer the testing in our office.

Give us a call and get on the schedule today. If you are not in Arizona, we can help find a testing center near you.



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