Is There a Holistic Cardiologist Near Me?

We get emails asking this question often. They start off with how the person wants to see me, but travel is difficult or there are concerns about expenses for an in-office visit. Our response is always the same, “There is no one like Dr. Wolfson.”

Come Out to Arizona OR Let’s Talk by Phone

In short, you are worth it. Your health, life and longevity are worth the trip to Arizona, or at least a phone call. The education you receive, the plan you take home, and the ongoing support from our office can keep you healthy until 100. If you follow the strategies in our time together.

During our visit, we will discuss your history, your goals, exam, and your plan. Then, we will obtain the best and most in-depth blood tests in the world. I am talking 21st century, state of the art testing. This is not your father’s cardiology visit.

Again, YOU are worth it.

Local Cardiologist

If you come out to Arizona, I am your cardiologist. I can start and stop meds, my preference being the latter. I can order any tests.

I do not need the help of a local cardiologist. You are welcome to keep one, but I do not need them. In an emergency, go to an emergency room. But a routine visit to the local MD, why bother? In fact, I usually function as the only medical doctor for most of my patients. Sure, other healthcare providers are necessary like your chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage, and yoga teacher.

My Book Can Guide You

If you are not ready to fire your local heart doctor, I suggest starting with my book as the foundation to real heart health. 10’s of thousands have bought the book on our site, at conferences, and from the website named after a south American jungle. The Paleo Cardiologist outlines the tests you need from any MD visit and the tests that you don’t.

Having an issue, call or email us. Looking for the ultimate in cardiac prevention? Call or email us.

So, you don’t need a “cardiologist near me”. I am your guide to health and wellness.

See you soon.

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