Healing The Leaky Gut

Now that you have been diagnosed with a leaky gut, you need to heal. (click here to order leaky gut test).

Here is the way to rid yourself of the leaky gut:

  1. Eat Paleo foods. All organic and definitely gluten-free.
  2. Skip the alcohol.
  3. Get sleep. Sleep with sundown and awake with sunrise.
  4. Get sunshine to your belly.
  5. Get adjusted by a doctor of chiropractic.
  6. Get the stress out of your life.
  7. Get away from toxins.
  8. Avoid pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs.

Now you need a supplement protocol. We have been very successful with the following:

  1. Daily Defense– 2 scoops per day in water. This makes an excellent meal replacement or a midday snack.
  2. Gut Fuel 2 caps 2x per day with a meal.
  3. Gut Shield 2 caps 2x per day with a meal.
  4. Gut Repair– 1 teaspoon per day in water and added to the Daily Defense

We also suggest digestive enzymes (two caps of Digest with each meal) and probiotics (Gut Flora 30 billion 1 cap per day with a meal or empty stomach).

Repeat the Wheat Zoomer in 3 months on the above plan.

You can do this. Leaky gut is linked to: heart disease, stroke, cancer, dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Leaky gut causes autoimmune disease. Learn the truth that your typical MD doesn’t know.

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