14 Tools to Improve Your Wellness Game

It can be hard to stay on top of your health game in a busy world. Meal prepping, work, errands and the list goes on and on. It can be hard to fit everything all into one day.

The following tools are game-changers for your wellness fitness routine. We’ve got new habits to implement to boost your diet, lifestyle and exercise regimens. Our goal is to shift your current manner of doing things for the better.

Read on more for more ideas.


Meal prep on Sunday

Use your Sunday to meal plan and prep for the week. Here are 20 heart-healthy meals you can prep on a Sunday. Preparing your own meals in advance helps to avoid the stress of having no food on hand when you’re hungry. It also helps to avoid unnecessary temptations that can derail your wellness routine like fast-food drive-thrus and processed food options.

Stock up your pantry

Find jars or BPA-free canned products that can be incorporated into your routine so you always have food stocked up.  For example, here’s our list of the top BPA-free cans of seafood to keep on hand. Life gets easier when you have food on hand to make a meal.

Get the right kitchen tools

Cooking and meal-prepping are so much easier when you have the right tools. Above all else, you must ensure the tools you’re using are non-toxic to keep you and your family healthy. For non-toxic cookware, we recommend Salad Master. If you’re interested in Salad Master, contact our office for more information on this cookware. For other kitchen tools check out our guide to what we use for everyday natural living. Invest in kitchen tools that will make your cooking more efficient and effective.

Stash Paleo-approved snacks

Find your favorite Paleo snacks and keep them on hand so you can snack healthy no matter where you are. Here are some of the Paleo snacks we like and healthy snack hacks for your summer. Having healthy, single-serve snacks on hand can help you to stick to your wellness routine even during the busiest of days. 

Pack your lunch the night before

After cooking your dinner, use leftovers to pack lunches for you and your family. Then store them in the fridge. Be sure to store all food leftovers in glass containers. Packing your lunch the night before makes for one less task for your busy morning.

Get some good cookbooks

Once you’ve committed to eating better and getting healthy, you will need tasty and easy recipes to use. Here are our 7 Drs. Wolfson-approved cookbooks we recommend for healthy meal inspiration. Keep them on hand in the kitchen and have fun cooking! 

Invest in quality water

Water is the key to your health. You must drink it every day in ample amounts. It is necessary to keeping your body hydrated. It is also essential to regulating body temperature, maintaining blood pressure, stimulating digestion, and helping your body detoxify. The best thing you can do for your overall health is to invest in high quality drinking water. The water system we recommend to our patients and loved ones is called Pristine Hydro.


Lay out your workout clothes the night before

This is a simple step that sets the flow for your workout and your whole day! Prepare for your morning workout by setting out your gym clothes, socks and shoes the night before. If your goal is an evening workout, then pack a bag full of your active wear and headphones that way you can have it ready after a long day of work. Either way, there won’t be an excuse that you don’t have your gear.

Embrace resistance

Improve your strength with resistance exercises. You only need to use your own body weight to do so. Try doing squats, lunges and push-ups daily. These three exercises work many muscle groups at once.

Work your heart

Ensure you’re getting adequate cardio (cardiovascular fitness) in each day. We like physical activity in nature: walking, running, biking, swimming or hiking. Plus, getting exercise in outdoors helps you to get adequate daily sunshine, another health requirement. High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is also great for boosting your cardio count. Regular exercise helps to keep your heart healthy.


Improve your sleep

Getting adequate sleep quality and quantity (7-8 hours per night is ideal) is imperative to health. Decreased sleep leads to increased risk for chronic disease development. Make your bedroom dark, cool and clean. Get rid of electronics and noise distractions including a television. Invest in black out curtains and a white noise machine, if needed. For more tips on falling asleep and staying asleep, check out our sleep tips here.

Meditate more

Stress-relief is key to staying healthy. Meditation is a good form of a stress-reduction break and has been shown to ease anxiety and mental stress. Mindfulness meditation is a practice whereby you sit comfortably, focus on your breathing and try to bring your mind’s focus to the present. The goal is let to unnecessary thoughts of past or future drift by to ease psychological stress. Check out the Headspace app, a favorite of ours. 

Purify the air you breathe

There are all sorts of tools that can assist with wellness and one of our favorites is a quality air purifier. Our favorite product is the Austin air purifier, which uses medical grade HEPA filters and activated carbon to fully cleanse the air your breathe. This simple addition to your home is game-changer that provides fresh air all day and night.

Invest in yourself

A skilled health coach, nutritionist or a personal trainer may be just the resource you need to achieve your health and wellness goals. Or, perhaps, you need a better-quality mattress, a piece of workout equipment, a new set of cookware, or a weekly therapist appointment. Only you know what you truly need to get healthy and stay well. Invest in yourself and watch your health soar. You deserve it.

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