Undo Heart Damage with Regular Exercise

Two recent studies show what we’ve been saying all along – regular exercise can undo years of damage to people’s health caused by sitting around and not being active.

NBC News cites studies from researchers at the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine at Texas Health Resources and the University of Texas UT Southwestern Medical Center and Tufts University that showed the benefits of regular exercise.

One study found exercising four or more times per week was extremely effective at preventing sedentary heart aging. Most study participants did walking, cycling or running as their form of exercise (all things YOU can do).

The other study found that people as old as age 89 showed significant improvements in quality of life from a physical activity program.

Physical activity is a foundation to good health.

The Best Exercises for Heart Health

Here’s our list of the four best types of exercises anyone can do for heart health, along with a link to a YouTube video about how to do them properly.

  • Body weight exercises – no machinery or equipment needed. Just simple exercises you can do outdoors to improve strength, balance and flexibility. Here are 10 great body weight exercises for beginners you can do outside.
  • High intensity interval training – commonly referred to as HITT, these exercises alternate high intensity anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. Enjoy this nice outdoor HIIT workout most anyone can do.

Your goal is to sweat and be active at least 30 minutes every day. Be active outdoors, in nature. You’ll benefit from the sunshine and fresh air, and avoid the toxic cesspool of cleaners used in most health clubs. The fluorescent lighting at the gym is another killer.

I am in the process of reading a movement book by Katy Bowman. Stay tuned for my review. If you want to purchase her latest book, click here to learn more.

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