7 Healthy Cookbooks Recommended by The Drs.Wolfson

You’ve dedicated yourself to cooking and eating healthier. To make that happen, you’re going to need tasty, healthy recipes. Here are seven of our favorite cookbooks containing the healthy, delicious foods you need. Remember – always use organic ingredients!

Enjoy your cooking!

Eat What You Love

1. Eat What You Love

From the same author who brought you Against All Grain, this new cookbook (released December 4) shares delicious dairy-free, gluten-free, Paleo approved comfort food recipes that you crave.


Eat What You Love

2. Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life

This cookbook, written by esteemed doctor Terry Walhs, contains easy to prepare recipes with healing nutrients to help reverse fatigue, brain fog, joint pain and more.


Eat What You Love

3. Practical Paleo

This cookbook, often referred to as the “Paleo Bible” by readers, teaches readers how to get back to eating real, whole foods and avoid processed ones with delicious Paleo recipes.


Eat What You Love

4. Mediterranean Paleo Cooking

The Mediterranean Paleo Cooking cookbook was written by a professional chef and a certified nutritionist in conjunction with the author of Practical Paleo cookbook to provide highly flavorful, classic coastal recipes that are vibrant and healthy.


Eat What You Love

5. The Paleo Kitchen

This cookbook contains over 100 delicious and decadent Paleo recipes from appetizers and entrees to side dishes and desserts.


Eat What You Love

6. The Paleo Cupboard Cookbook

This cookbook, written by an acclaimed food blogger, provides a personal touch to Paleo cooking complete with 145 recipes and 4 weeks of helpful meal plans and recipes.


Eat What You Love

7. Made Whole

The Made Whole cookbook and guide provides recipes that are both Paleo and ketogenic approved.


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