10 Easy Tips (and 3 Supplements) to Keep Your Heart Healthy During Times of Stress

Heart attacks happen when you are the most vulnerable. By vulnerable I mean that your emotional, mental and physical health status is at its worst.

Case in point, during the holidays. Heart attacks and strokes are most common when your diet is bad, your lifestyle is lousy (poor sleep, little sunshine, rarely exercise), and your stress is thru the roof. Sound like your life during holiday season?

This stress is a killer. Literally. I have seen it hundreds of times.

But holiday season is not our only encounter with the “S” word.

In the 21st century, stress is almost constant. We are constantly encumbered by financial concerns, family matters and work-related issues.

A Patient of Mine

A recent email came in from a patient with a history of a heart attack. He went on to tell me that his wife is sick, very sick with Stage 4 cancer and the prognosis is not good. He is all-consumed with her, but rightly understands that if his health fails, the whole family will be in dire straits.

I wrote this post for him and many like him.

Heart Healthy Under Stress

  1. Talk it out. Keeping your emotions inside during times of stress is catastrophic. Confide in family, friends, doctors, clergy and anyone else to diffuse the situation. These people can help you in many different ways. Just like my patient reached out to me, seek comfort in your tribe.
  2. Get sleep. I know it is tough and the stress of any situation likely keeps you up at night. Trust me, I know. But getting in bed with the sundown and out of the artificial light will give you the best chance of a good night’s rest.
  3. Eat well. Under stress, most people reach for cookies, cereal, or ice cream. Sometimes all three. You know who you are. Fight the urge and make the healthiest choices possible. We are all going to slip. If you do, make it an organic slip and maintain the gluten-free program.
  4. Sunshine heals. I love to get outside in the sun, or the clouds, every day. Sunshine is well-known to lower stress and improve mood. Even 5 minutes of sun will brighten your day.
  5. Don’t binge on alcohol. One drink can help take the edge off. I like a small glass of organic tequila. Anything more than that will have a negative impact.
  6. Be active. Again, do it outdoors. Walking, hiking, biking outside in nature are just what the doctor ordered.
  7. Listen to the music. It doesn’t have to be classical, but soft music will boost parasympathetic tone and take you out of “fight or flight” state. Try the Eagles, John Legend, or Carole King.
  8. Get a massage or do a gentle yoga class. No other explanation needed.
  9. Seek online support. There are thousands of Facebook groups with people just like you.
  10. See your chiropractor. A adjustment is just what your body needs to reset the nervous system and break out of the “fight or flight” state.

Bonus- 3 Supplements for stress

Magnesium- 3 caps of Magne 5 at bedtime

Li Zyme– 2 tabs daily. Excellent supplement to boost parasympathetic tone.

Relax Cherry– a delicious powder that does just what the product is called…helps you Relax

Get control of stress….or else

As we stated above, dealing with stress is super-important to your health. Heart attacks, stroke, cancer and dementia thrive on stress. They feed on it. And you suffer the consequences.

If you need help, we are here to help. Call us and schedule with one of our health coaches for a Take Control of Your Health session. The health coaches are skilled in stress management techniques and fitting them into your life.

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