Top Tips for a Morning Bowel Movement

Are you struggling to move your bowels on a daily basis? I can’t tell you how many thousands of patients I have seen over the years who don’t poop every day.

This is a serious health issue and is NOT normal. It horrifies me to hear when children are constipated.

Let’s fix this.

Why the daily BM is critical 

Body waste belongs out of the body. The longer we keep waste in us, the more problems will arise. The following is a short list of problems linked to constipation.

Constipation is linked to:

  1. Colon cancer
  2. Atherosclerosis
  3. Hypertension
  4. Stroke
  5. Higher risk of dying

There are many different reasons why constipation is linked to the above. One recent discovery is how constipation changes the gut microbiome and how changes in the gut microbiome lead to constipation.

Keys to a daily BM

  1. See your chiropractor. Abnormal autonomic function is a major cause of constipation. The DC’s fix the ANS with the adjustment. I have seen my wife work on dozens of babies and children with constipation. Shortly after the adjustment, the child pooped. 2-3x per week get adjusted until daily BM’s are the norm.
  2. Eat organic Paleo foods. Lots of green veggies, meat/seafood, nuts and seeds. Secret superfood—AVOCADO
  3. Quality water. Mineral water is your friend when it comes to the daily BM.
  4. Go to sleep after sundown. Sleep is when your body repairs itself and processes waste. Then you wake up and head to the bathroom. Isn’t nature amazing?
  5. Minimize stress. Stress leads to a chronic sympathetic state. Your body thinks it is constantly being chased by a tiger. Does it make sense that your body would want to pass stool when chased by a tiger? Obviously not. Get rid of the stress.
  6. Get sunshine. 2019 data told us that vitamin D deficiency increases your risk for constipation. Sunshine is critical. Get it to your abdomen directly. Let the power of the sun move your bowels.

Another tip is to get an abdominal massage or “milk” your own bowels. To do this, lay down on your back with your knees bent. Gently press on the bottom right of your abdomen. Move slowly to the upper right of your abdomen then over to the upper left. Then move down to the lower left. Repeat this process several time.


I think there are two supplements that are key to moving your bowels every day. These are magnesium and B vitamins. Plenty of literature to support this.

We recommend 2 caps of our Magne 5 at bedtime. Increase by one cap every day up to a total of 6 caps. Do it with plenty of mineral water. If this does not get you going daily, check with your doctor or a Wolfson health coach.

For B vitamins, our MULTI is a great start. 4 caps daily, at once or in divided doses. In addition to our multi, you may want to add a cap of our Super B.

FYI, calcium and iron supplements can CAUSE constipation.

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