Necessary Vitamins for Children

In our busy practice, we see plenty of children, especially Dr. Heather. We are often asked by parents if their child needs to take vitamins.

The short answer is, “Yes.” The food supply has diminished quality and quantity of vitamins and minerals. Endless exposure to toxins in our environment means that the child needs the most amount of support possible.

The longer explanation starts off with education and questions.

  1. Does your child eat plenty of organic veggies and other Paleo foods?
  2. Was your child born vaginally or by c-section?
  3. Was your child breast-fed?
  4. Has your child ever had antibiotics?
  5. Is your child exposed to fluoride and chlorine?
  6. Is your child exposed to household chemicals like fabric softeners and dryer sheets?
  7. Was your child vaccinated?

These questions give us answers and serves to educate parents on why supplements supplement a healthy diet.

In our opinion, kids need these four vitamin supplements on a daily basis to stay happy and healthy in a 21st century world.

  • 1) Kick Start My Heart– No matter how many times you explain it to adults and children alike, not many people like organ meats. Feed kidney and liver to a young child and they will thrive. But another option is our Kick Start My Heart. It is all the important glands in a tiny tablet that can be chewed, crushed, or swallow. The dose is 2 tabs per day for kids, 3 for adults.
  • 2) Probiotics– Children in years past were born vaginally getting exposure to mom’s good bacteria. C-section negates that benefit. Children lived in the dirt. Now our society is sterile. Get the picture? Our choice is a tasty powder called The Good Guys. Great for infants all the way to teenage years.
  • 3) Multivitamin– Sadly, the food supply is depleted of nutrients. Everyone needs a multivitamin as the foundation of a good supplement regimen. Not just any multi, choose the best. Our MULTI was designed by us to get the best results for our family and our patients. The children’s dose is 2-3 caps of our MULTI, depending on their age after they are done breastfeeding. The caps may be opened into water, juice, apple sauce or smoothie.
  • 4) Daily Greens– This delicious powder is a great way to get organic veggies and fruit into your child. Start them young and they will grow to love it. 1 tsp per day in water or a smoothie.

Make it fun!

Some parents only use a special cup or mug for the kid’s vitamins. Maybe a Disney or Sesame Street cup.

Explain to your children the importance of staying healthy. Let them know that these vitamins will make them grow, make them smarter, and make them stronger.

Take YOUR supplements when they do. It’s a family thing. Be consistent in this ritual.

Give them a little reward for taking their vitamins. Maybe it’s a few apple slices, a new book or a small toy. This really helps in the beginning to get them on the path.

Let us know your tips to getting kids to take their vitamins so we can share this information with other parents.

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