Should Your Child Take a Multivitamin?

We are often asked by parents whether their child should be on a multivitamin. Our children take a multivitamin, why shouldn’t yours?

Ten thousand years ago vitamins were not necessary. The soil, water and air were pure. Mother’s milk was of the best quality leading up to the next phase of children’s food, pure hunter-gatherer. Sun and sleep were plentiful. There were no video games or cell phones. Children were active and outdoors all day long.

Fast forward to 21st century living. All of society is against your child achieving full health. The damage starts in the womb. Actually, before conception, the ill health of the woman will compromise the future of the next generation.

The soil is depleted from hundreds of years of farming, even organic farming.

The water is polluted with metals, pesticides, and other toxins.

The air encasing our food supply is not air but smog.

For these reasons, a multivitamin is of critical importance to our children.

We test children and adults for nutrient deficiencies using the Vibrant Micronutrient test. The results are nothing short of scary. Low glutathione, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, low omega-3, deficient CoQ10 and so on.

Even those kids on the best diet, as rare as it is, show deficiencies.

Again, the air, water and soil are damaged goods. Children are compromised because of mom’s diet in utero and before conception. Children’s health is actually influenced by what their maternal grandmother’s health was like. Grandma may have drank, smoked, or lived next to a textile mill or automobile factory.

Choose Wisely

Choices about when it comes to multivitamins. All sorts of concoctions are created by manufacturer’s attempting to capitalize on the illness of our children. Gummies, liquids, and candy bars make up the selection at the local pharmacy. These products are loaded with poor quality vitamins that are not absorbed by the human body. The artificial ingredient list is long with synthetic flavors, binders, and colors.

Our MULTI is totally different from the above. It works, and we have the patients to prove it.

We start with a quality vitamin A and take it all the way to zinc. We do with dosages that support a child thriving, not just barely surviving. The B vitamins are active and support the young brain. We include a hefty serving of magnesium and potassium to support healthy cell function. After all, over 300 body reactions depend on magnesium. Trace minerals give the young body what it needs while helping to create nutrients that process out the toxins.

You won’t find artificial colors or flavors. You won’t find toxic binders and fillers.

What you will find is the best multivitamin for your child.

Our MULTI comes in a capsule that can be swallowed whole or added to water, juice, or a smoothie. Young children should take two capsules daily and advance to three and four caps as they get older.

Say “Yes” to Our Multi

A multivitamin is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle and supplements program. The world is against our health. It is sad but true. From toxic food to toxic air and a toxic lifestyle.

We suggest organic Paleo foods, sleep with the sundown, and get plenty of sunshine. Get active outdoors, let children play, and let them relax. Keep them away from household chemicals.

And get them on a quality multivitamin.

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