How to Avoid Harmful Prescription Medicine Interactions

You’ve seen the Big Pharma ads on television and heard them on the radio.

You know, the ads that spend 90% of the run time talking about the nasty drug side effects?

Imagine what can happen when you are taking multiple prescription drugs.

The potentially harmful interactions can be tremendous, yet many Americans, especially older Americans, never talk to a doctor or pharmacist about interactions, according to a University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging.

And I know that to be the case first-hand. Doctors don’t consider drug interactions and patients rarely ask about the possibility.

This is a big problem. Nearly half of all Americans age 65-80 take four or more prescription drugs, according to the same University of Michigan National Poll of Healthy Aging. The potential for harmful drug interactions is extreme. The fact that people take on drug in the name of prevention is sad. Four or more drugs is downright sickening, to us (The Drs. Wolfson) and the patient.

Medication errors impact more than seven million Americans each year. And with many older Americans seeing multiple doctors and pharmacies, and the medical establishment’s reliance of prescription drugs, I predict the problem will only get worse.

How to Prevent Harmful Prescription Medicine Interactions

Avoid harmful prescription medicines interactions by following these three steps: 

  • Avoid prescription medicines in the first place – Medical conditions are not caused by a deficiency in pharmaceuticals. Prescription drugs, at best, mask symptoms, they don’t CURE conditions. Most prescription medications harm your body more than help it (their ads tell you that!). Find natural solutions to prevent, treat and reverse disease. Find a holistic physician. Get our free monthly newsletter for information about how to live healthy naturally, without prescription medicines and invasive procedures.
  • Speak with a holistic physician – Have them review your current list of all medications – prescription and non-prescription – to accurately assess the potential for drug interactions.
  • Ask your pharmacist – Again, bring a list of all medications you are taking – prescription and non-prescription – and ask the pharmacist to review them for their interaction risk potential.

We want you off prescription drugs. We don’t want drugs to cause you more harm. If you or a loved one are taking multiple prescription medicines, have an assessment made for potential interactions. Then, get with a holistic physician to get you off pharmaceuticals.

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