6 Health Tips for Flying During Holiday Season

“Tis the season for the cold and flu to mess up the flight plans of holiday travelers. A study in the Journal of Environmental Health Research found that colds could be 100 times more likely to be transmitted on a plane than during our daily normal life.

While there is little you can do about the health of others, there are steps you can take when flying to keep the cold and flu away from you.

#1 Take proper steps before you board

The number one thing that will keep you healthy when flying is a strong immune system. It’s your number one defense in fighting off germs.

We write about ways to have a strong immune system. Our recommendations include:

  • Eating only organic, Paleo foods.
  • Use only natural, chemical-free personal care, clothing and other personal items and household cleaning products.
  • Get adequate sleep.
  • Drink half your body weight in ounces of quality water each day.
  • Get sunshine.
  • Be active.
  • Get adjusted by a chiropractor.
  • Take evidence based, high quality supplements.

Three things are important for good health when flying:

  • Make sure you get adequate sleep before departure. People who are sleep deprived are more prone to infections.
  • Stay properly hydrated. Proper hydration protects against germs and makes you less susceptible to infections.
  • Take nutritional supplements for immune system support. Here’s what we recommend:
    • Our Flu kit contains the best supplements to boost your immune system.

#2 Wipe down the tray table

And the in-flight entertainment clicker and seat adjuster too. We even wipe down the seats!

Tray tables are a cesspool for germs on a plane. And with tight turnaround times for most planes, airplane cleaning crews don’t regularly clean these tray tables. When they do, it’s most likely with toxic cleaners.

No between flight cleaning crew has time to clean the entertainment clicker or seat adjuster, yet they are used by a variety of people each week.

Provide better protection for yourself. Thoroughly clean the tray table when boarding. We use alcohol-free hand sanitizing wipes.  Use these wipes on the entertainment clicker and seat adjuster as well.

#3 Wash your hands

Who knows how many people have sat in that seat before you or what type of chemicals the airline used the last time they cleaned the seat. Your clothes will serve as a natural barrier against germs on the seat but many of us touch our seats with our hands.

You’ve also just cleaned the tray table, entertainment clicker and seat adjuster. That’s why it is important to make sure to wash your hands using an organic hand sanitizer. We like the EO brand. In fact, use this hand sanitizer any time you touch something, both on the plane and in the airport.

#4 Be careful in the airplane bathroom

It’s cramped quarters in an airplane restroom, and we all know that public facilities are full of germs. Rule #1, limit contact with surfaces as much as possible.

Use toilet paper or a seat cover to cover the toilet seat. Use a paper towel to turn on the water, then wash your hands, and then use a clean towel to turn off the water and to open the restroom door.

Another option: When you decide to go to the restroom (and my rule is at least once every two hours, which means adequate hydration), where latex rubber gloves and discard when done.

We love the EO hand sanitizer wipes for our hands and just about everything else on a plane.

#5 Use care with the seatback pocket

Lots of travelers put things into the seat pockets in front of them. If you are one of them, don’t put your hand all the way into the pocket. As any experienced traveler will tell you, the bottom of the pocket is littered with crumbs, dirty tissues and who knows what else.

If you must use the seat pocket, keep things towards the top of the pocket and again, use the hand sanitizer to clean your hands.

#6 Choose the Aisle Seat

Allows you to easily get up and walk around. Standing and walking while in flight are very important.

Do this every hour.

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