Why You Need to See a Holistic Doctor

Why You Need to See a Holistic Doctor

I assume that you want to live a long, healthy life. Just about everyone has this desire. But the dream is two-fold: long AND healthy. The good news is, you can do it. I want to show you how.

You see, poor nutrition and environmental toxins are the cause are every disease. Sure, certain people have a higher likelihood of various health problems based on their genetics, but something has to trigger the genes into action. Enter poor nutrition and environmental toxins. Heart attacks and strokes have much more to do with what you put into your body, as opposed to your DNA.

For example, why would your DNA code for heart disease or cancer? The answer is, it doesn’t. Millions in this country have heart disease. Do they all have bum genetics? Sounds silly, because the theory is preposterous.

When I was in med school in the mid 90’s, the human genome was going to be the holy grail of health. It was not. What really matter is how your environment affects the information granted from your DNA. This concept is called epigenetics.

Problem With Mainstream Medicine

Your typical MD has lost their way. Trust me as I know this first hand. I was the cardiologist who only talked about pills and procedures. Blood pressure is high, take a pill. Cholesterol is high, take a pill. Want to prevent a heart attack, take aspirin. Get a yearly stress test. The examples are almost endless.

I don’t fault those mainstreams docs. This is the model of sickcare they were trained in. And medical training is controlled by pharmaceutical companies. Add in the pharmaceutical control on media advertising and society is now brainwashed.

There is a better way.

Find a holistic health practitioner

I think you need a guide to keep you as healthy as possible. A holistic practitioner can help sort through information and disinformation with the ultimate goal of quality and quantity of years. I am familiar with marketing, yet I hire people to do the heavy lifting. I have learned the marketing “lingo” so I may converse with marketers, but I leave it to the experts. Same thing with my car, my house, and my retirement money. This is why you need an experienced health care provider. Educate yourself, but don’t go at it alone.

A holistic doctor will go after the cause of your health issues. The answer to high cholesterol is not a pill. The answer is to find out the CAUSE of elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, autoimmune disease……

Find a doctor to go after the CAUSE. I suggest a doctor of chiropractic be your guide. There are holistic MD’s and naturopaths as well. I would start with a nutritionist or acupuncturist before walking into your typical MD’s office.

My initial consultation is 1 hour and 15 minutes

It takes at least that amount of time to understand you, your history, your goals, and come up with a treatment plan. I want to know your sleep patterns, your bowel movements, your water intake, your supplements, your nutrition, your dental history, and dozens more facts. This is critical to understand how I can help you.

Contrasting my office to the typical medical office is like that of the sun to the moon. Typical MD office visits are 10-15 minutes long, at most. How can a doctor help you in that short amount of time, let alone provide life-changing information? I practiced that way for years. In a fast-paced office, the patient gets pills and procedures. The cause is rarely addressed. Why is your blood pressure high? Doesn’t matter, here is your pill. Why is your cholesterol an issue? Doesn’t matter, here is your pill. Why did you have a heart attack? Shoulder shrug. Here is your handful of pills.

You deserve the best

Find a doctor who offers you cause and how to remedy that cause. In my office, I perform the most in-depth testing on the planet. Advanced lipids, genetics, inflammation, insulin resistance, thyroid analysis, heavy metals, food sensitivities, hormones, and so much more to identify risk of illness and to treat symptoms and disease. The 1970’s are a long time ago, but sadly, most doctors order the same basic tests from Disco days.

I rarely need to prescribe pharmaceuticals and reserve radiation-based testing for emergencies.

Let me guide you on nutrition, environmental health, and vitamin supplements. I use companies with the most advanced testing in the world like Vibrant America, Genova Diagnostics, and U.S. Biotek.

1000’s have sought my consultation from the U.S. and around the world. My book, The Paleo Cardiologist, is an Amazon best-seller. Why? Because people want more than the status quo.

I want to make my care available to anyone and everyone. That is why I am offering a free phone conversation to see if my practice is right for you. Don’t go at this alone. Go with the best.

Give our office a call today at 480-535-6844 and live a long, healthy, and happy life.

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