The Incredible Edible Egg

For many years, the egg has been vilified as the prototypical dangerous food that causes coronary disease and heart attacks. Health authorities told us the cholesterol in eggs, along with saturated fat, is something to avoid. The Food Pyramid (or sick pyramid as we call it) from the USDA advised us to limit this horrible orb.

But reality is much different. The TRUTH is an egg is a cocoon for a baby chicken that cannot grow to life without the critical cholesterol molecule.  The saturated fats in eggs are necessary for cellular growth of the chicken, much like the saturated fat and cholesterol in breast milk are necessary for human growth. Mother Nature wouldn’t try to hurt us would she? Every animal goes after another animals eggs.

The egg yolk is a wonderful source of vitamins A (critical for eye health), D (strong bones, prevention of heart and neurological disease, normalizes blood pressure), and E (antioxidant and cancer fighter). Eggs are high in protein and have zero carbs/sugar. Eggs are high in several B vitamins, iron, selenium, and other minerals. Essentially, eggs can be thought of as a multivitamin.

When I recommend eggs, I am talking about those from free range chickens that get plenty of sunshine and are allowed to forage eating bugs. Eggs should come from chickens that are not stuffed with soy, corn, or other grains. The best scenario is to raise your own chickens, feed them organic food, let them forage, and eat the eggs. Farmers markets would be your next best bet followed by organic from your local grocer.

Eggs do not cause heart attacks or strokes. In fact, there is data that suggests eggs do not even cause coronary calcification. Eggs raise HDL (3)!

Eggs lower your risk of diabetes, according to a recent study (4). They contain phospholipids which are total brain food. Every cell is surrounded by a cell membrane that keeps the inside of the cell safe. The membrane is packed with cholesterol and phospholipids.

Choline is another nutrient in eggs. One function from a CV standpoint is that it lowers homocysteine, a nasty amino acid which in high levels is linked to heart attacks, blood clots, and strokes.

Don’t ask the typical doctor who has ZERO training in nutrition or listen to a talking head on TV. Go with your gut and the fact that humans have been eating eggs for millions of years. Remember, eat the whole egg. Consuming just the egg white will rob your body of B vitamins. Lastly, cook your eggs on a low temperature with the yolk soft. Heating anything at high temperatures can damage healthy fats.

So ditch your oatmeal and skip the cereal. For a healthy and satisfying start to your day, eat some eggs. We do.




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