Which door will you choose?

I made a choice.

When I opened my office in Paradise Valley, Arizona, my heart was filled with extraordinary emotions. The list is long but includes excitement, passion, anxiety, and even a little worry. But I knew I had the power to change lives and the ability to enact change in those who I encountered. It’s been three years since Wolfson Integrative Cardiology saw it’s first patient. Thank you to the 1000’s I have met with along the way. I trust you have found the experience worth it.

The irony.

Right next door to my office is a conventional medical practice. It opened around the same time as mine. The doctor who runs it seems like a great guy, and probably is. But the patients that go in and out his doors do not look healthy, in fact, quite the opposite. They don’t look healthy because they are not healthy. The office is a revolving door of drug reps bringing payola food and patients with prescriptions for pain pills and antibiotics.

Amazing health is so close to these people.

All they have to do is choose my door versus the other door. Behind my door is an organic lifestyle with advice about organic, Paleo nutrition. My patients learn about environmental chemicals and pollutants and why/how to avoid them. Behind my door is evidence-based supplements that are changing peoples lives and a doctor who orders the most in-depth testing on the planet.

What is not behind my door are prescriptions for narcotics, antibiotics, psych meds, heartburn meds, or other poisons. Pharmaceuticals help in the case of life-threatening illness, the kind of care for which people should go to a hospital, not a medical office.

Why do patients choose one practice over another?

First off, these people do not even know that natural health care exists. The only world they know are pills and procedures to cover up the aches, pains, anxiety, depression, and other maladies. Second, even if they did know about natural health care, they would pass it off as too difficult, too expensive, or “unproven.”

Let’s face it, many people would rather continue with their cigarettes, pain pills, alcohol and other addictions. They don’t want to cut back on sugar, stop eating fast food, or adopt any semblance of a healthy lifestyle.

But how do we reach the people that would be interested in joining the world of health from the world of sickness? I will tell you how.

We will turn people by continuing to talk

We will not be afraid to teach that there is a better way. Health is not found through injections, pills, and procedures. Let your family know it, your friends know it, and spread it to the world. Time is running out. Make sure you choose the right door.

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