Olive Oil Fights Breast Cancer

For those of you who follow The Drs. Wolfson, you know we love fat. Of course we are talking about healthy fats from free-range, grass-fed animals and quality organic oils such as coconut and olive.

So is the fact the Mediterranean Diet is so beneficial because of the large amount of fat from olive oil? It appears so.

PREDIMED was a massive trial which looked at three food groups. One group received extra olive oil along with instructions on the Med Diet. Another group ate the Med Diet along with extra nuts. The third group was advised to eat low fat.

Just to be clear, small studies conclude that Paleo trumps Mediterranean. But the large PREDIMED trial found a much lower risk of heart disease in the Med group compared to the low fat group.

Low fat diets are fad diets which stand against our evolutionary nutrition. Doctors who recommend low fat are experimenting on their patients.

But the breaking news is a recent report which found a LOWER RISK OF BREAST CANCER in the study group consuming extra olive oil. In fact, the olive oil group had a 68% reduction in breast cancer! Another group in the study was advised to eat plenty of nuts in addition to olive oil and reduced breast cancer risk by 41%

Imagine the results when you use all organic oils!

You can get very excited about your raw, organic olive oil. It is great for heart and breast cancer prevention. More data will likely follow from this groundbreaking study.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer in women and the rates are on the rise. Why? Poor nutrition and environmental pollutants/chemicals. FYI, breast cancer in males is on the rise. Best way to avoid cancer is to eat organic Paleo and get rid of the chemicals. If a doctor tells you to avoid fat, run the other way to the nearest organic grocer and get some grass fed beef with a large salad topped with plenty of olive oil. It will save your heart and likely reduce cancer risk.

Source: http://archinte.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=2434738

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