What’s the Difference Between Cheap Versus Premium Multivitamins?

We all want health and wellness. Most people who are sick would give anything to have their health back. Yet, most of us don’t have “anything.” Only so much money is available to prevent and treat disease.

Your multivitamin is not a place where you should skimp on money. The multivitamin is the foundation to your supplements regimen and foundation to health and wellness.

After all, even the best diets are deficient in certain nutrients. The soil, air, and water are not what they used to be. Organic broccoli grown in California and shipped across the country is not going to solve all your problems.

Trust me. I test people’s nutrient levels. Everyone is deficient in some vitamins and minerals, if not many of them.

Don’t skimp on your multivitamin.

The following chart is from the most popular store brand. You will see active ingredients and inactive. Their goal seems to be providing the minimum dosage necessary according to the RDA. These levels were created to provide the minimum necessary to prevent serious illness.

These doses are to survive, not thrive. Just a few of my comments are in RED.

All of the above vitamins and minerals are in the cheapest form possible and likely have very little benefit to the user.

This popular brand also includes tin and nickel in their formulation. These two metals have ZERO role in the body and only serve to interfere with body function. Why are they included? Who knows.

Maltodextrin is also listed as an active ingredient. Do they think this is for calories and considered a food? SMH. It seems like they WANT us to get sick. This is not a surprise given that the pharmaceutical company who makes this multivitamin also makes heart and cancer drugs.

Here is list of the some of the inactive ingredients. Beware, reading this list can make you nauseous and possibly vomit.

3 different kinds of corn starch (all GMO)

Polyethylene glycol- a laxative

Polyvinyl alcohol- used in papermaking, textiles and coatings

Titanium- metal with no role in the body

Talc- possible carcinogen with no obvious health benefits.

Yellow 6 Lake- artificial color. Others in this category have been found to be carcinogenic

Hydrogenated palm oil- artificial fat

All the above in a tablet that most people are not able to digest anyway, which in this case, may be a good thing.

You deserve better

Quality multivitamins use the best vitamins and minerals in forms that the body can use. The best multivitamins do not contain artificial colors, flavors, or additives like corn, soy or wheat.

Men and women who no longer have periods do not need iron.

Vitamin K2 is the preferred form for healthy bones and keeping arteries clean.

Folate and methylcobalamin provide the usable form of these B vitamins for many functions including control of homocysteine, a dangerous amino acid when levels are too high.

Magnesium and potassium are critical for every cell function. A multivitamin should provide high doses in quality forms like magnesium glycinate or malate. The typical magnesium oxide is cheap and poorly absorbed.

Lithium is a mood stabilizer and belongs in your multivitamin.

Inositol and choline along with bioflavonoids round out a quality multivitamin.

Finally, a multivitamin should be just that….multiple vitamins. It should not contain the kitchen sink. So many brands try to include too much with things like herbs and other plant remedies. These may be great, but do not belong in a multivitamin.

You get what you pay for.

If you are taking a cheap multi from your local drug store, don’t buy. Take quality or taking nothing at all.

You’re worth it.

With all the above stated, that is why we created our MULTI, multivitamin. The best ingredients without the added fillers. All that in an easy to digest capsule. The capsules may be opened into water, juice, or a smoothie.

Experience with difference with our MULTI by The Drs. Wolfson. Perfect for all ages.

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