How Long Does It Take for a Multivitamin to Start Working?

How long does it take for your multivitamin to start working?

This is one of the top searched questions on most health websites. And for good reason! People want to know when their nutritional purchases are going to be paying off and they’re going to start feeling better.

This may seem like a simple question, but there are quite a few factors that go into determining the answer.

First off, you must define the term “working”. For the sake of this article, we can say that when you start “feeling better”, or notice more energy or improved brain function, or whatever your desired outcome may be. When you start to see results or health outcomes is when the effects are taking place. Any of these are desired benefits that come with taking a multivitamin regularly. Additionally, your multivitamin could be working when the signs and symptoms you first noticed prior to beginning the supplement have started to go away.

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How Long Does It Take for a Multivitamin to Start Working?

Typically, any supplement such as a multivitamin that is added to a nutritional regimen takes two to four weeks to begin having noticeable effects within the body. This is when you likely will start to notice that things are working and stimulating change.

What Factors Impact How Long it Takes for a Multivitamin to Start Working?

There are several factors that can impact how long it takes for your multivitamin to kick in.

Here’s how to figure out how long it will take for your multivitamin to start having effects:

  1. 1. How severe your nutrient deficiency is
    • This is the biggest factor that determines how fast your supplement will start working. It depends on how deficient you are in these essential micronutrients. Pretend your nutrient stores are a glass. If your glass is completely depleted it will take a lot longer to fill it up than a glass that is half or three fourths full.
  2. 2. The quality of the multivitamin
    • Supplements are currently unregulated products. This means standards can go out the door when it comes to companies trying to get by with cheap products. Often, there is label fraud that occurs. Supplement quality is one of the most important things to think about when it comes to determining how well and how long it will take for a multivitamin to work. If you’re trying to fill up your glass with nutrients that don’t work, you aren’t going to make a difference. Seek out a company you trust that uses only the purest ingredients with strict inspection policies. Try our multivitamin.
  3. 3. The dosage you’re taking of the multivitamin
    • How much you are taking determines how fast it will work. With a multivitamin, the key is a low steady dose over time. This ensures your body absorbs all the necessary nutrients it needs in a timely manner. You can again think of the glass analogy. If you’re only filling it up a teaspoon at a time it is going to take more time to fill the glass. It doesn’t mean it is not filling, it just means it will take longer. The key is moderation. At the same time, you don’t want to just pour a whole pitcher of liquid into that glass. It will overflow and spill everywhere and cause problems.
  4. 4. Your root cause of deficiency
    • What is causing your nutrient deficiency? Is it medication? Is it due to your high level of stress at work? Are you eating a poor diet? These factors can play a role in depleting your nutrients. If you don’t address these root causes then no matter how much you keep trying to fill that glass up it will remain a rapidly depleting container. This is why integrative medicine is key to health. We must address the nutrient needs but also the root cause of health disorders.
  5. 5. Your diet and lifestyle factors
    • While supplements like multivitamins are necessary to good health, food is also one of the greatest, continual sources of nutrients we get every day. This means that we must make healthy food choices such as a Paleo diet. You must support your supplemental efforts with healthy food choices and lifestyle decisions. These two factors can help to make your multivitamin (or any supplement) work faster and better.

Takeaway Message:

A good multivitamin is an essential addition to any health regimen. There are several factors that will determine how fast your multi kicks in or starts to have an effect.  These factors include how severe of a nutrient deficiency you have, how good your multivitamin is, how much you take every day, what the root cause of your nutrient deficiency is and certain diet and lifestyle factors. Keep these things in mind as you begin taking your new, high-quality multivitamin.

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