Water, water everywhere…

Water has been in the news a lot lately and for good reason. Regardless of the label and slick marketing, it has been proven over and over that some bottled water is merely glorified tap water…the only difference is the cost and a false peace of mind that it’s somehow healthy. And let’s not forget that the Chairman of Nestlé (the worlds #1 producer of bottled water) has gone on record saying that “water is not a human right” it should be given a market value and privatized. Scary!

Numerous studies of bottled water samples show an array of chemicals and toxins including phthalates, benzene, mold and microbes. Drinkable water doesn’t mean its healthy water. Plastic bottles, with or without BPA, can still leak dangerous chemicals into the water if they’re stored for too long or exposed to heat. Many people are waking up, saving their money and turning back to tap water. However, without some kind of filtration system, the chemical profile of tap water, including municipal added fluoride, is unacceptable for those seeking true health.

Total dissolved solids (TDS) analysis of both bottled and tap water are frightening. TDS refers to any minerals, salts, and metals measured in parts per million (PPM). EPA regulations advise a maximum contamination level of 500 PPM. Although measuring TDS is a great tool to determine water quality, it does not tell you the specific compounds present in the sample.

Know your contaminant numbers.

Common contaminants in drinking water include: fecal coliform, arsenic, chlorine, cadmium, and cyanide just to name a few. To see the full list, visit:www.water.epa.gov/drink/contaminants. A TDS meter can be purchased for a few dollars but unless you’re willing to spend upwards of $2,000 (per sample) to have your water analyzed, you have no way of knowing what your TDS number is comprised of. I think it’s easy to agree that a very low TDS measurement is something to seek when choosing your family’s water source.

The search for pure water.

The Drs. Wolfson insists on pure drinking water in our home and office. Our definition of pure water is: very low TDS (under 100ppm) proper pH (7.5-8.5) and very low oxidation reduction potential (ORP of negative 100 or lower). Whenever traveling we bring plenty of pure water with us and use glass containers for storage and drinking. Although there are a few bottled water companies that have earned our stamp of approval, none has compared to Pristine Hydro.

Pristine Hydro was founded by Glenn Caulkins. At the age of 49 Glenn was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease. Instead of going the common route of surgery or pain medication, Glenn set out to find the cause and do something about it. He already led a healthy lifestyle, followed a good clean diet and got regular exercise. After much thought he arrived at the conclusion that it must be the water. Prisitne Hydro was born out of necessity for the purest drinking water ever developed. The 10 step process to create Pristine Hydro includes intense mulit-step filtration, acid removal, deionization, and re-mineralization. The result is perfectly pure, pH correct and negative ORP water. Read more

The Drs. Wolfson proudly endorses and recommends Pristine Hydro to all of our patients, family and friends. The water you drink is an important health decision and should not be taken lightly. While you may be quenching thirst, you may also be introducing harmful toxins and inflammation causing free radicals into your body with every sip of your current water. We encourage you to learn more about Pristine Hydro and what truly healthy water may do for your family’s health and well-being.

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