Top 10 Heart Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Tennis is a wonderful activity to keep your cardiovascular and muscular system in great shape. Whether you are playing singles, doubles or hitting the ball against a board, tennis is a healthy activity for most any age.

As a child, I played all the time. Despite the Chicago weather, I was out on the court 8 months of the year. My parents started me early and I played all through high school. Now that I have kids, I love getting them outside and playing tennis.

After the top 10, check out 3 supplements to boost your game.

Here are 10 of the top heart health benefits of playing tennis:

    1. Playing tennis outdoors is a great way to get vitamin D. High levels of vitamin D are linked to a lower risk of just about everything, including heart disease
    2. Tennis is an excellent example of interval training or burst activity. Our ancestors ran and relaxed, ran and relaxed. 45 minutes on the treadmill is not the way to health. Ramping up your heart rate with intermittent cool-down is the way to go.
    3. Build muscle mass by using your arms and legs to start/stop and hit on the court.
    4. Aerobic activity is great for healthy bones and osteoporosis prevention.
    5. Tennis will crank up nitric oxide, another element great for your heart. More on nitric oxide here.
    6. Playing this racquet sport with others builds friendships and is great for bonding. Social people live longer. Just don’t get too competitive.
    7. Lower risk of obesity in tennis players leads to longer lives and lower heart attack risk.
    8. Tennis players have better lipid (cholesterol) profiles than age-matched controls.
    9. Improved blood sugar control and lower risk of diabetes
    10. Lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Like any activity, make sure you are the healthiest you can be BEFORE starting. This means eating the right foods, getting sleep, getting regular chiropractic care and chemical avoidance. Also, certain supplements ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to get the job done AND recover from activity. I would highlight three products to assist.

  1. A multivitamin. Not just any multi, but the best to give your body what it needs. We formulated our MULTI just for that. Activated B vitamins, magnesium and potassium, and high dose vitamin K2. The foundation of any supplement regimen is the MULTI.
  2. Heart Beet. Nothing says blood flow to your muscles and muscle recovery like our organic Heart Beet. 1 heaping teaspoon to water prior to and after activity.
  3. Cardio Q- Co Q 10 makes the little energy factories in our cells really hum. 1 cap per day is all you need. I measure levels on my patients. This product WORKS!


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