The Key to Preventing Heart Attacks & Strokes: The Glycocalyx

One of the most important strategies to preventing heart attacks and strokes is maintaining healthy blood flow. This is done in many different ways, but none more important than making sure the area next to the blood vessel wall is functioning at full steam.

You see, the artery is very complex and involves three layers: intima, media, and adventitia. The media contains the muscle. The adventitia is the outer layer that supports the two inner layers. The intima is the closest to blood flow and in innermost part of the intima that touches blood is called the endothelium.

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The endothelium is only one cell thick and contains the glycocalyx (pictured below).

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The glycocalyx forms the Exclusion Zone, and this is the key to preventing heart attacks and strokes. What is the Exclusion Zone (EZ)?

You can see from the above image that the tube on the right is similar to a blood vessel. Negative charge collects near the wall of the vessel, leading to an area that “excludes” anything but water. The bigger the exclusion zone, the less chance of arterial damage, as the wall is protected.

What makes for a big EZ? Light- infrared light. Dr. Gerald Pollack discusses this phenomenon in his book, the Fourth Phase of Water.

You can see some of his early work in this reference below.

I think there are two important factors here to remember: Get sunshine to build the EZ and maintain a healthy glycocalyx with sulfur containing foods (eggs, onion, garlic, and broccoli) and sulfur supplements like our Daily Defense, Gluta Boost and Garlic Force. Wash it all down with Pellegrino water (loaded with sulfur).

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