The Best Ways to Start a Paleo Diet.

An email from Texas came in requesting information on the best ways to start a Paleo diet. Here is how I replied.

Try a 5 week program. Each week, go a little more Paleo.

Week 1….Get the gluten out of the house, out of your diet, and out of your life….Soy should suffer the same fate.

Gluten is the small protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. It irritates the gut and allows unwanted particles into the body creating inflammation and disease. Read all labels.

Gluten can hide in places like the inside of chewing gum wrappers. Beware.

Week 2….Get rid of the dairy including milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt. You can resume small amounts in the future, preferably in its raw state.

Week 3….Get rid of all sugar except fruit. Sugar is the most addictive thing on the planet and one of the most dangerous for our health.

Week 4….Remove all corn, rice, beans, and potatoes. Big source of carbs and hence diabetes and elevated blood sugar.

Week 5….Give up the fruit. Our ancestors ate wild berries and crab apples. Today it is fruit smoothies, monster citrus, and jumbo bananas. Some characters on the internet recommend eating fruit all-day long. They are young and foolish. Follow their advice at your own peril.

See how long you can hold the above, but always be gluten and soy free.

Some Other Tips

1) Eat organic veggies, nuts/seeds, eggs, avocado, coconut, olives, free-range meat, and wild seafood.

2) Cook with animal fats and coconut oil.

3) Eat veggies with every meal.

4) Start off every day with a greens drink like our Daily Greens, combined with our protein powder Daily Defense. Add a tablespoon of nut butter or coconut oil if needed.

Once you feel great and get to your goal weight, feel free to add back a piece of fruit per day. Sweet potatoes and yams also help for those who exercise frequently and are looking for some quick carbs that are easy to digest.

Try the 5 week program. Let us know how you did.

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