6 Reasons You Need to Start Paleo Nutrition

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Transcript of this Video

Hey, it’s Dr. Jack Wolfson, The Paleo Cardiologist, of The Drs. Wolfson.

Today I want to tell you six reasons why you need to start Paleo nutrition.

Number one of course, I’m a cardiologist, so Paleo is heart healthy. It’s fantastic to get normal cholesterol numbers, to normalize blood pressure, to get rid of heart rhythm problems because Paleo is so high in Omega 3s. Those Omega 3 fats are phenomenal for your heart and help quiet down extra heartbeats, heart rhythms disorders like atrial fibrillation and in addition when it comes to congestive heart failure, we’re giving the body all the nutrients that it needs, and not giving it the sugar and the carbs that the body doesn’t need.

The second thing of course is that Paleo is phenomenal for your brain. Once again, it’s loaded with Omega 3s, the type of Omegas 3s as BPA and DHA. You cannot get that from plant-based sources. You have to get that by eating seafood. So, eat that fish like anchovy and sardine, eat that wild salmon, eat that shellfish.

Number three, you want to lose weight, think about Paleo. Paleo is phenomenal to get the perfect weight for you. Without all of those carbohydrates and sugars that the body doesn’t need, we’ll get a perfect weight. I’ve seen it so many times. I even have a patient who has lost over 300 pounds by following my Paleo nutrition advice.

Number four is energy. When you give the body what it needs you’re going to get so much energy. When you are following Paleo you get all of those B vitamins, all of those amino acids, all the healthy fats. When you do not eat enough of those animal-based foods you’re not getting the B vitamins that your body craves, specifically B-12.

Number five is hormones. We’re talking about things that need cholesterol to happen. You cannot make testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, without the appropriate cholesterol in the body because that’s where it starts from. Cholesterol makes all of those. So, if you give the body what it needs, it can make the cholesterol and therefore make all those hormones that so many people are deficient in. Certainly, one of the places you can look at when you are deficient in those hormones is look at your nutrition, follow Paleo, and it all gets better.

And then finally, number six, Paleo is right by the environment. It’s how our ancestors lived, it’s how animals live. When you follow free-range, grass-fed principles, when you eat wild seafood, when you eat organic vegetables and plant foods, you are doing best by the environment.

For today, that’s six reasons on why you need to start Paleo.


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