Our Most Popular Natural Health Articles of 2017

We are grateful to the people that read the natural health articles published by The Drs. Wolfson.

Our goal is to provide scientific based information to keep you healthy naturally, without pills or procedures. With that goal in mind, we publish natural health informational articles about a variety of topics in our health library (blog).

Here are the top 15 most popular blog posts by number of readers in 2017:

# 15How Governments, Food Companies, Big Pharma, Media and Healthcare Operators Keep Us Fat and Sick

# 147 Natural Ways to Treat Ear Infections in Toddlers

# 13What Causes Melanoma Skin Cancer?

# 124 Reasons to Avoid Getting the Flu Shot

# 11Think Before You Ink

# 10The Health Hazards of Dryer Sheets

# 9Top 10 Foods to Keep Your Arteries Clean

# 8Apple Cider Vinegar for Heart Health

# 7What We Use – How The Drs. Wolfson Live Naturally

# 6Statin Drugs Are Killing Millions of People

# 59 Ways to Naturally Prevent Ear Infections in Toddlers

# 4Is Beetroot Powder Good for You?

# 310 Ways to Detox from Vaccines 

# 2Is Coconut Oil Deadly?

# 110 Foods to Boost Nitric Oxide

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