10 Reasons Why You Should Co-Sleep With Your Children

Co-sleeping is the single most gratifying thing I have done as a father.

There, I said it.

You see, Heather did most of the work. She carried our babies for 9 months. She ate the right foods, got sunshine, got sleep, got adjusted and got active with hiking, biking, and yoga. She even played tennis!  She delivered our babies at home and nursed each one for over 3 years.

Sure, I was very busy supporting Heather and made her life easier. I held our babies, played with them and changed a lot of diapers.

I was an integral part in the success of the early years for our children.

But nothing was more special to me than the time spent co-sleeping. To me, it was like I was given a second lifetime with my boys. As a cardiologist, I worked long hours, weekends, and a lot of nights on call.

Had I NOT co-slept, I would have barely seen my kids. Granted sleeping is not the same as spending time together while awake. But co-sleeping provided me with the comfort that we WERE together.

I wouldn’t change these days for the world.

Here are 10 reasons why we co-sleep and so should you:

Nature’s Intention- Every mammal on earth sleeps with their young. Why should humans be any different? A gorilla does not put its young in another nest and a bear doesn’t find a separate den for its baby. Caveman did not find a separate cave.

Safety- If anything were to happen in your home such as a fire, gas leak, intruder, HVAC problem, you will be there to protect your child. It is obvious a baby or young child cannot fend for themselves in these scenarios.


Breastfeeding- A baby nurses at least every couple of hours. Do you want to wake up and run to another room to nurse, or just roll over? Should your baby cry by itself while waiting for you to come? Separate sleep arrangements will ensure a miserable baby and breastfeeding failure. The benefits of breastfeeding are infinite. Baby has colic? Check your diet MOM.

Prevent SIDS- Babies who sleep in the same room as a parent have a 10.5X LOWER risk of dying! Just make sure the parent is sober and a non-smoker. If you feel compelled to smoke and drink as a parent, you should really consider whether you are fit for the job.

Less EMF- If your baby is in another room, you likely have the monitor on nearby. That monitor is a massive source of electromagnetic radiation with horrible consequences. Keep your kids away from EMF. Listen for your baby wants and desires.

Healthy Parents- Most people know that kids are safer when parents are not drinking, smoking, or loaded up on drugs…prescription or nonprescription. If you co-sleep, you are less likely to indulge in the toxic lifestyle knowing that you are about to jump in bed with your child. In short, drunks and drug addicts roll over on their kids. Sober people do not. Be sober.

Cheaper- Who needs a big house when you all sleep together?

Happy babies become happy adults- It stands to reason that a child who never felt abandoned will become a better socially adjusted adult. Less depression, suicide, anger, anxiety, homicide?

Better Sleep- Parents sleep well knowing that their baby is safe with them. Don’t get me wrong. There are some rough nights with fevers, coughs, and colds. It’s called being a parent. Sometimes, Dad has to sleep with the kids and let mom get some rest. Come on Dad, you can do!

Better Sex Life- Okay, maybe this is a stretch. But you will get creative. The reality is that the kids are your priority. When both people in the couple understand this, the marriage will prosper. FYI, we apparently found time for intimacy and two more kids after the first.

Tips to survive

  1. Take naps. Again, what nature intended and other animals do
  2. Pay attention when you leave baby alone. Do not use a monitor and the perils of EMF.
  3. Use multiple beds in the same room
  4. Dad sleeps with one kid, mom sleeps with the other. Separate rooms.
  5. Mom needs a break. Let her sleep and take baby for walk or car ride. Sleep deprivation is torture. This Dad spent many nights in the car driving around the baby.
  6. Get help! Your health depends on it.
  7. Eat healthy, get sleep, get sun, and get adjusted. Mom, baby, and dad.

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