Organic: Good For Paleo, Good For Everyone

With an estimated 50 million organic consumers in the US, they need a strong and inspirational leader.  

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is the only not-for-profit US organisation promoting the interests of organic consumers, farmers and small business owners. The OCA serves as a lighthouse for those seeking alternative messages about the future of our food industry.

Their 2-million strong networks (online and on the ground) are proactive in their support of reformation and education in areas including food safety, industrial agriculture and corporate accountability. They are the big voice for the little man quickly losing the battle against what the OCA refers to as the “Wal-Martization of the economy”. In other words, this means mass produced and engineered food, climbing obesity rates, and increasingly lax organic farming standards.  

While working to make traction across a range of areas, their six-point strategy plan includes a push for universal healthcare with an emphasis on prevention, nutrition and wellness promotion. We know the Paleo diet is proven to reduce inflammation in the body, which just happens to be the leading cause of cancers and many chronic diseases. This argument for prevention through nutrition has never been stronger and it’s fantastic to see the OCA joining to stand alongside. They understand the importance of treating the body as a whole entity. They understand how an increase in organic food production supports this, in addition to benefitting the several thousand farmers and local producers they work with. I’ll pause to say a little “Hallelujah” here. Society is finally beginning to listen.

Each of the OCA’s focus areas have multi-pronged benefits to consumers, producers, the environment and even governments. They want our children to grow up in a different world, where the food we put in our mouths and its production is respected. The changes they are working hard to achieve are bigger than all of us; a future benefit to everyone, not just Paleo followers.    

I would really encourage you to look into the OCA and check out some of the prolific work they are doing. They’re growing rapidly and engage hundreds of thousands of like-minded consumers through their website, publications and research. For more information about the current OCA campaigns or projects you could be involved in, head to their website at

I am a huge supporter of the work and ethos of the OCA and am demonstrating my commitment by donating 5% of the profits from my webinars. We need more lighthouse organisations like OCA, serving as a beacon of hope against a future some of us are nervous to consider.

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