Natural Treatment Remedies for Premature Atrial Complexes

Does your heart feel like it is skipping or stopping? It could be from PAC’s.

PAC’s are known as many things including PACS, premature atrial contractions or premature atrial complexes.

What are PAC’s?

The electrical system of the heart is what we monitor on a EKG. It is the electricity generated by the body to cause the heart muscle to squeeze. There should be a steady rhythm to the electricity. But every so often, an early electrical impulse can jump in. Most of the time, we don’t feel the early impulse. Sometimes we do. Most people are not bothered by it. Others, the early beats are ruining their life.

The good news is that this condition is not dangerous. It does not signify a need a for a stress test or invasive procedure. Don’t fall for the money-grab from a typical cardiologist.

Diagnosing PAC’s

Patients complain of heart stopping or skipping. Sometimes PAC’s are described as a thump or thud in their chest. Lightheadedness is very rare. Syncope (fainting) should point to another diagnosis.

Testing starts with a physical exam and EKG. Sometimes, 24 hour or 2-week monitors are necessary to assist in the diagnosis.

Typical MD Treatment

Doctors are quick to prescribe pharmaceuticals for this condition. Typical drugs include the beta-blocker class or calcium channel blockers. They are not effective and only lead to side effects. Stress testing is not necessary and usually, neither is an echocardiogram. Don’t waste your time or money.

There is a better way.

My Treatment

I go after the cause of PAC’s. When we find the cause, we have the cure.

Get tested with the most advanced testing in the world. We need to look at electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, metals, omega 3, and markers of inflammation. Usually, there are many reasons why you have this condition. Don’t guess. Get tested. Contact us.

Follow these lifestyle recommendations:

  • Get sunshine. Adequate sunshine does wonders for your body. See if you can get direct sun to your chest. Short video on sunshine.
  • Sleep with the sundown. Sleep is critical for healing. Your heart will thank you for it. Short video on sleep.
  • Organic Paleo food is just what the doctor ordered. Wild seafood could be the one trick to put your ticker back in order. Short nutrition video.
  • Get adjusted by a chiropractor. Your brain controls the heart. In between is the spine and the spine experts are the chiropractors and chiropractic care. Short video on chiropractic.
  • Get away from chemicals and toxins. Everything you bring into your house. Is it toxic or not? If it’s toxic, don’t bring it in. Short toxin video.
  • Be active and outdoors. Short exercise video.
  • Avoid electronics and artificial lights. Turn off the Wi-Fi at night. See sleep video.

Quick supplement fixes

  • Magnesium- try our Magne 5, 2 caps 2x per day
  • Potassium- try our Potassium Boost, 1 tsp 2x per day
  • Omega 3 fish oil- try our Omega DHA 1 cap 2x per day
  • Multivitamin- The foundation- MULTI 2 caps 2x per day

Try these strategies today. If you want to discuss this more, give us a call at 480-535-6844 or email

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