Congestive Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathy: A Natural Approach

Millions of people carry the diagnosis of congestive heart failure (CHF). This condition is also known as cardiomyopathy. Let’s discuss what it is, why you may have it, pharma, and natural treatments.

What is CHF?

The definition of CHF is the inability of the heart to meet the circulatory needs of the body OR the progressive build up of water in the lungs, abdomen, legs, and other tissues.

Symptoms of CHF include shortness of breath, leg swelling (edema) and abdominal distention (from fluid in the liver and intestines).

Causes of CHF

The proximate causes of CHF include: heart attack as the cause of ischemic cardiomyopathy and non-ischemic cardiomyopathy from hypertension, alcohol, tachycardia (fast heart rate usually from atrial fibrillation), vitamin deficiency, thyroid disorder, drug-induced, valvular heart disease such as aortic stenosis, aortic insufficiency, or mitral regurgitation, radiation-induced, post-partum, infection, autoimmune, sleep apnea

Real Causation- Poor nutrition, lack of sunshine, lack of sleep, toxins, vertebral subluxation, lack of physical activity, poor water, unearthed, etc. 


Tests that one can expect include: ECG, echocardiogram, coronary angiogram, MRI. Blood tests can help look at thyroid, vitamins/minerals, virus (unlikely).

I run the most advanced testing in the world looking at intracellular nutrients, autoimmune, inflammation, oxidative stress, Leaky Gut, hormones, gut flora, fats/amino acids, food sensitivity, cortisol/melatonin, brain neurotransmitters, toxins and heavy metals. You can find all of these tests on our testing page


Beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, ARB, spironolactone/eplerinone, Entresto (ARB/neprilysin inhibitor), digoxin, diuretics such as furosemide (Lasix)

Pharma may result in some significant improvement but also significant side effects.

Is there a long-term plan to get you off the drugs? 

Defibrillator implantation

First, let’s show data for people with CHF from non-ischemia causation. That means, a heart attack or coronary artery disease was NOT the cause of the heart failure.

A recent large trial reported in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded, “In conclusion, in our trial, prophylactic ICD implantation in patients with symptomatic systolic heart failure that was not caused by coronary artery disease was not found to reduce long-term mortality.”

Here is a graph from their findings. Source

What about ICD for ischemic cardiomyopathy?

Here, there is a lifesaving effect of ICD implantation. 1 in 17 lives will be saved after 2 years. After 8 years, 1 in 6 lives will be saved. This is called NNT or number needed to treat. Another way to put this is that 5 out of 6 will not get benefit.

The question is, can we do better with a holistic approach, without the risk of ICD implant or unnecessary shock?

I think the answer is “YES!”

Nutrition and Lifestyle:

  1. Eat organic and responsible Paleo foods
  2. Sleep with the sundown and awake with the sunrise
  3. Get plenty of naked sunshine
  4. Drink quality water
  5. Get chiropractic care and get adjusted
  6. Get away from toxins such as household chemicals. Get yourself tested for mold here.
  7. Avoid alcohol, a significant source of heart muscle dysfunction. 
  8. Get tested for vitamins, minerals and more. 
  9. Get grounded by walking/standing barefoot. Hit the beach. 
  10. Get away from EMF devices (get your cell phone off your body). Unplug, especially at night. 

Nutritional Supplementation for CHF

It is very important to get appropriate lab testing and treat the results. But here are some recommendations based on data and what has worked for my patients.

  1. Heart Beet– 1 heaping teaspoon 2x per day
  2. Vessel Support– 1 teaspoon 2x per day. Add to Heart Beet.
  3. MULTI– 2 caps in the AM and 2 in the PM
  4. Omega DHA– 1 cap 2x per day
  5. Magnesium– 2 caps 2x per day
  6. Potassium– 1 teaspoon 2x per day. Add to Heart Beet and Vessel Support combo
  7. Cardio Q– 1 cap daily. 2 caps if you are on a statin, which hopefully, you are not.
  8. Daily Defense– 2 scoops daily. Okay to mix all the above products together. 

Optional nutrients

  1. Garlic Force– 1 tab daily
  2. L-carnitine– 1 cap 2x per day
  3. D-ribose– 1 scoop 2x per day. Add to Heart Beet and Vessel Support combo

For the ultimate approach to heart failure, let’s meet in person or by phone. Get on the schedule ASAP.  Every minute counts. 

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