Natural Treatment Remedies for Dizziness
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Do you feel dizzy and unsteady or is it more of a lightheaded feeling? Although the symptoms may be similar, getting the medical history of this complaint is very important. The causes are different.

Dizziness implies a feeling of rotation or spinning. Medically speaking, this is called vertigo. Additional symptoms include ringing, buzzing, or loss of hearing. Dizziness is typically considered the realm of the ENT doctor or neurologist. Personally, I think this is an area where the doctor of chiropractic shines.

Lightheadedness is usually from an abrupt decrease in blood pressure or pulse. Dehydration or drug side effects are the most common causes. A cardiologist specializes in this area. I implanted hundreds of pacemakers for a low pulse and symptomatic bradycardia.

Once a life-threatening diagnosis for your dizziness is ruled out, now where do you go? The answer once again is the chiropractor.

What Causes Dizziness?

A variety of things can cause dizziness. These include:

  • Inner ear issues – Infections and positional vertigo are prime culprits.
  • Tumors or strokes – Occurrences are quite rare and are accompanied by other symptoms.
  • Medications – Dizziness is a side effect of many prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  • Nutritional deficiencies – Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are known causes of dizziness.
  • Environmental toxins – Lots of us have walked into a chemically-cleaned room and felt dizzy from all the toxic fumes. In addition to dizziness, environmental toxins cause lots of other health issues.

Natural Treatments for Dizziness

Follow this natural treatment plan to rid yourself of dizziness:

  • Get your blood tested to see the status of your vitamins, minerals and if heavy metal toxicity is present in your body.
  • Eat organic Paleo foods. Gluten, dairy, sugar, and artificial foods undoubtedly increase dizziness episodes. Clean up your diet. Stay well hydrated too with quality water.
  • Get sunshine and get sleep, two critical factors in health and wellness.
  • Heal your environment. Look for sources of pollution and electrosmog, the name given to all the electronic pollution in our lives. Here’s a list of toxic free items we use in our home.
  • Take nutritional supplements. They boost your immune system and ensure that your body has its proper vitamins and minerals. In addition to our Foundation 5, here are three supplements that may help your dizziness:
    • Max Mag – Magnesium is essential for hundreds of bodily functions. Chances are a magnesium issue is leading to symptoms of dizziness. Ask your doctor if Max Mag is right for you.
    • Detoxicore – This product ramps up liver detoxification and supports a healthy gut. We are all loaded with environmental toxins and they could be leading to symptomatic dizziness.
    • Potassium Boost – This vital nutrient is second to none. Just like magnesium, the body doesn’t function without potassium.


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