It’s Time To Kick The Sugar Habit
The Addiction Is Real
Let’s face it, we are all addicted to carbs. Whether it is sweets, bread, or alcohol, the carbohydrate craving is as bad as any other. The taste of sugar, which is basically what carbs are, provides instant gratification. The pleasure centers of the brain go on fire.
Sugar Is The Enemy
Unfortunately, you cannot eat your cake and have it too. You have to pay the piper. Okay, enough with the metaphors. Sugar, bread, cereal, rice, pasta, cookies etc. all lead to disease. Diabetes is a disease of elevated blood sugar. This is not coming from eggs, meat, or avocado. In fact, you can drink a bottle of olive oil and your blood sugar will not budge. Drink a glass of wine and blood sugar levels skyrocket.
The problem is the sugar/carb addiction is very difficult to break. Millions try every year to start a diet, yet fail miserably. The cravings are too strong. ” I dream about chocolate” is something I have heard many patients say.
So How Do We Break The Addiction? Enter THE CLEANSE.
A cleanse, or fast as it is sometimes referred, can mean many things and be done in many ways. In Old Testament days, people fasted for a variety of reasons. Our ancestors knew that a fast was an excellent way for the body to repair itself. Some days and some religions call for no water or food for 24 hours. Other religions preach no intake during the daylight hours for weeks at a time. The Catholic time of Lent even requires giving up something, usually a food, for 40 days.
What Does A Cleanse Do For You?
1) Breaks sugar/carb/alcohol addictions
2) Supports immune function
3) Supports intestinal health
4) Breaks caffeine addictions
5) Allows your body to release stored chemicals
6) Rids the body of harmful yeast, bacteria, and parasites
Do An Organic Juice Fast
Of all the cleansing options out there, my preference is the Juice Fast. The majority of the nutrition from this cleanse comes from the juice of green vegetables. You have to give your body appropriate nutrients in order to detox and get the chemicals out. Green juice does that. The best green juice is fresh right from your juicer. Basically, 4x per day you drink a 16 ounce juice. If you are getting hungry have another juice. You can prepare the juice in the morning for the entire day, or juice right before consumption. Clean the juicer once at the end of the day. Go to farmers markets or the grocery and get ORGANIC veggies.
You cannot juice conventional produce as this only serves to concentrate toxins. 
So Many Options
There are many choices to make a healthy juice. The foundation would be heavy in cucumber, celery, and lettuce such as romaine. Then add in items such as kale, chard, parsley, cabbage, cilantro, dandelion, fennel, spinach, and sprouts. Add ginger, garlic, and turmeric root to taste. You can use the tops of carrots and beets but I do not suggest using the root vegetable because of a higher sugar content.
Do not add fruit to your blend. Lemon and lime are okay and a great way to make the greens more palatable.
Another option is to buy pre-packaged juices. The best would be from a store that is local. Again, the produce must be organic and have very low or zero sugar. Most packaged juices are loaded with sugar and not an option for this cleanse.
Powders also present a convenient and cost effective way to detox. These products are dehydrated vegetables. Look for a powder that is organic and low sugar. Find a brand that comes in a glass container to minimize plastic consumption. Same plan as above, 4x per day use a serving of powder mixed in water.
Here Is A List Of Items To Do In Addition To The Juice On A Week Long Cleanse:
1) Ideally, take a week off from work and relax. This is a time to cleanse the body and the mind.
2) Go for colonic therapy before and during the cleanse. I recommend at least one colonic before and one during.
3) Find a sauna and sweat!
4) Get a massage at least once.
5) Keep your bowels moving.
6) Drink plenty of quality water.
7) Do a shot of organic olive oil at bedtime. This is an excellent way to flush the liver and gall bladder.
In preparation for the week, you should eat as much raw vegetables as possible. Do not eat any processed foods for at least 1 week. After the juice fast, slowly introduce raw food such as salads, avocado, and other veggies. Do this for a few days then add meat and cooked veggies back into the diet. Try to avoid sugar and carbs for as long as possible.
Stay positive and have fun. You should be excited about the health benefits and getting your body back on track.

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