Green Tea Extract

The medicinal value of green tea has been recognized for centuries. After all, it is loaded with phytonutrients that lower inflammation and oxidative stress. 

Green tea tastes great! At least according to me and a few million other people. But the good news is that you can harness the health benefits of green tea by taking green tea extract (GTE).

To make an extract, the green tea leaf is soaked in water or alcohol, making the phytonutrients more available. Then the mixture is dried as a powder. 

Phytonutrients in green tea extract include epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), flavanols, and flavonoids (quercetin!!!!). 

Green Tea Extract (GTE) and Lipids

A 2016 study found that women put on GTE saw lowered total cholesterol and lowered LDL. A 2010 study found the same results AND the study group lost weight compared to placebo. GTE works to improve lipids in many different ways, but its effects on liver health is likely a big reason why. 

Improving cholesterol has proven benefits. But resolving damaged cholesterol is REALLY the key. And GTE does that according to this study. Researchers found lower oxidized LDL when rodents were administered GTE. It is this oxidized or damaged LDL that is so dangerous. Another study found the same thing. Damaged lipids are reduced from GTE. Part of the reason is likely that green tea extract can boost glutathione

Improving cholesterol and lipids is one thing, but preventing atherosclerosis is the ultimate goal. And GTE may do just that! A 2013 study had similar findings. 

Other Benefits of GTE

Blood pressure. GTE can also lower blood pressure, according to this study and atrial fibrillation, according to this article. Since blood pressure and AFIB are inflammation driven, the anti-inflammatory effects of GTE are likely the reason. 

Gut health. GTE may work its “magic” by improving gut barrier function and helping to resolve leaky gut.  

Brain health. Good news for those of us concerned with dementia. Green tea extract may help. 

Diabetes. Try GTE for blood sugar as well. It bested the prescription drug metformin, according to a recent 2017 study for blood sugar control, cholesterol and weight loss. 

Cancer. Over 500 studies show that green tea is a cancer-killer

AFIB. Atrial fibrillation is linked to inflammation. The heart is inflamed, leading to irregular electrical activity. Green tea extract can lower inflammation, according to 244 studies. 

Optimal Lipids with OptiLipid (containing GTE)

Dr. Jack Wolfson formulated Optilipid with the best natural ingredients proven to support healthy cholesterol levels. And green tea extract is one of the six supernutrients with tons of evidence AND the experience of The Drs. Wolfson patients. 

The dosing on OptiLipid is 2 caps per day with food. Give it a try and see what YOU can do to optimize your cholesterol…naturally. 

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