5 Heart Health Benefits of Going Carnivore

Whether you get the news from TV or by surfing the web, you are likely to come across a new diet recommendation. To me, it seems like every day there is another opinion on what we should and should not be eating. Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Pegan (vegan Paleo), plant-based, on and on and on.

Plant-based seems to be the politically correct way to go, given all the recent movies and screen actors pushing the vegan agenda. Should we all become vegans?

And here comes Dr. Jack Wolfson again. Seemingly always on the other side of the mob.

This time…I am talking about going CARNIVORE. At least for a week. Here is why you should eat plenty of seafood, meat (including the organs) and eggs.

5 Heart Health Benefits of Going Carnivore

  1. Zero sugar. Sugar and fast-absorbed carbohydrates like rice, cereal, pasta, and bread spike your blood sugar and your insulin. This is very bad. High insulin is linked to heart attacks and stroke. Insulin at high levels is linked to obesity and cancer. Meat, seafood and eggs do not raise insulin significantly. They are full of protein and fats. This bring us into ketosis.
  2. Nutrient density. Meat, seafood and eggs are LOADED with vitamins and minerals. No plant food comes close to these measurements, especially organs like liver, kidney, and heart. (That is why we sell the Kick Start My Heart supplement). Good heart function depends on these vitamins and minerals. An egg contains ALL the nutrients a chicken needs to come to life. Try raising a chicken on oatmeal!
  3. Omega-3 Fats. Fat is super-heart healthy, especially omega-3 fats from seafood. Just about every heart condition improves by eating seafood. We test people’s levels of omega-3. This is very important and low levels are a severe problem. We can test them for you inside the Vibrant Micronutrient test.
  4. Break bad habits. Unhealthy foods like sugar, alcohol, and processed grains are linked to heart disease. By skipping these foods, you are breaking food addictions, sugar addictions, and improving heart health.
  5. Lose Weight. Obesity is linked to all disease, especially high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks. Being overweight is a major risk factor for sleep apnea, a condition that causes major damage to the body. Carnivore is SO filling and satiating, you don’t eat much. And again, Carnivore is so nutrient-dense, you don’t need much food. Without insulin levels being high from carbs, weight FALLS off. Again, this can be ketogenic and bring you into ketosis. Ketones become your fuel and are very efficient.

Some other benefits of going Carnivore include the fact it is EASY and AFFORDABLE. Let me explain.

Cooking is fun, but it is a lot of effort. Preparing salads and other veggie dishes can be tedious. Yet grilling a burger or piece of salmon is super-simple. Just one or two ingredients. Or opening a can of sardines? Or boiling eggs? It does not get any easier.

Carnivore is also easy on the wallet. You can LIVE on a can of sardines, 4 eggs, and a chicken for dinner. That daily meal plan is about $12. Most people spend that much at Starbucks for breakfast!

Final Thoughts

If you know The Drs. Wolfson, you know that OUR carnivore is from ethically raised animals. Meat is free-range and grass-fed/grass-finished. Seafood is wild. Eggs are from pastured fowl. No GMO and preferably organic feed. We make zero exceptions to these rules in our life. Better for you, better for the animal, better for the planet. We get local beef but also order from Crowd Cow.

Join us!

Nothing breaks food addictions like a cleanse. In this case, we call it a challenge. The 7-Day Carnivore Challenge. We have guided dozens of people through this program. We hold your hand. We get through this as a group.

To find out more about joining our next 7-Day Carnivore Challenge, head over to TheDrsWolfson.com/carnivore.

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