Coconut Oil Improves Cholesterol Profile

Should you eat coconut and use coconut oil? YES

Coconut has been vilified because of its high content of saturated fat. The dietary advice that followed has led to countless deaths as people avoided saturated fat and substituted trans-fat and vegetables oils rich in omega-6 polyunsaturated fats.

These recommendations led to an increase in cardiovascular deaths in Thailand. 

A recent study looked at 32 young Thai persons. The results show that coconut oil is an excellent food and belongs in a healthy diet.

The dosing in the above study is basically 1 tablespoon 2x per day. We recommend organic coconut oil from Dr. Bronner’s. You can buy it here.

Take a look at these results. HDL went up (that is good) and LDL went down (that is good). Therefore, the oh-so important ratio of LDL/HDL improved as well.

Unfortunately, I would have liked the researchers to use Apo B as a better marker for LDL and Apo A as better marker for HDL.

Either way, the results are in.

Viva le coconut!

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