Why your cell phone can lower breast milk production and other harmful effects

You’re nursing your baby. And you’re bored. You crave some mental stimulation and reach for your cell phone, Ipad or laptop computer.

I get it and we have all been there.

But I urge you to avoid the urge to hop on electronics while you are actively nursing. If your baby is napping, take a nap as well. If you have a few spare minutes, check your device while dad or a family member can attend to the baby.

Let the friends, family and tribe know that you will be offline for a while, especially in the first few weeks of nursing. This period is critical to breastfeeding success and mom/baby bonding.

4 Harmful Things About Using a Mobile Device

A) Checking Facebook or text messages causes a dopamine surge. Elevated dopamine destroys prolactin, the vital hormone from the pituitary that PROmotes LACTatIoN.

B) EMF exposure from short-range causes damage we can’t even begin to fathom. Mobile uses electromagnetic radiation that undoubtedly interferes with every single organ, tissue and cell in the body. Mobile phone use in kids under 20 leads to a 500% higher risk of brain cancer. What do you think the EMF does to a newborn?

C) The “dance” between mom and baby reaches levels we cannot imagine. Mom relies on baby cues for desire to nurse, sleep, burp, get out of pain, and more. Baby needs cues from mom. None of this happens when mom is staring at her cell phone.

D) Blue light from tech devices destroys melatonin, the master hormone that controls all biologic activity in the body. Multiple studies and lines of evidence points to the interplay of melatonin and prolactin. Again, if you are not making prolactin, breast milk production is doomed.

Quality breastfeeding starts with quality breast milk.

Eat organic Paleo and consider these three supplements to support your body.

  1. Daily Greens– 1 heaping teaspoon per day
  2. MULTI- 3 caps in am and 2 in PM with food
  3. Omega DHA 1 cap 2x per day with food

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