29 Reasons We Choose to Homebirth and So Should You

For millions of years, women gave birth at home whether a cave, igloo, teepee or house. Every animal delivers their baby in the place where they live. They did not choose to homebirth. It was the only option.

In the last 100 years, the hospital became the norm. But a homebirth is MUCH safer. Read on to learn more. 

We understand that there are circumstances when a woman needs to go to the hospital. We are not shaming or blaming anyone. We are talking about the correct way to bring life into the world according to the laws of nature.

Many women have been told that had baby not been born in the hospital, baby and/or mom could have died. Undoubtedly, some of that is truth. But the scenario changes when mom interrupts labor with a trip to the hospital.

You see, the autonomic nervous system (ANS) controls all organ function in the body from the mouth to the anus and all the genitalia. The delicate balance of the parasympathetic (rest and digest) and the sympathetic (fight or flight) branches is imperative for the natural birthing process.

When you get up and GO, the autonomic system is now out of balance. Your brain and ANS are still in prehistoric time and think a tiger is chasing you. Not a good time to deliver a baby. Sympathetic becomes dominant in what should be a parasympathetic event. Exhaustive ANS info here.

The Drs. Wolfson promote the natural way to birth your child. We feel it is best to deliver at home AND the science supports US and NATURE.

Words from a homebirthing mom, ” I think another point that mattered a lot to me was control. In the hospital I felt like I was a patient and these doctors were in charge and I had to do things the way they wanted and If I disagreed I had to be ready to fight. At home it is the opposite.  Midwives are there in support of me, I am fully in charge of how things will go, where I want to be, what position I want to be in and all of my choices for care.  I feel like everyone is there to help carry out my wishes and I don’t have to worry about fighting a nurse or a doctor to get what I want, which is the LAST thing a laboring woman should have to fear/be thinking about.”


Here are the 29 reasons why to chose a homebirth for your family:

  1. It is how nature intended. This should be reason enough. No packing the bags and rushing out the door. Just let the birthing process come naturally. When you stress about getting out of the house, your labor changes, leaving you and baby open to many complications. Your body calls on millions of years of evolution and thinks it is in danger.
  2. You choose who is at the birth. Family, friends, video, photography or no one at all. It is your choice, but there will not be strangers who you never met before and will never see again.
  3. The older kids get to watch their new sibling come into the world.
  4. Your house with your bedroom, your bathroom, your bed, your sheets, your towels etc.
  5. Your lighting, room temperature and whatever else you want.
  6. Peace and quiet. Two things a hospital is not.
  7. Your food. Organic and healthy versus hospital food. Quality water versus hospital water.
  8. Stay out of the hospital which is full of nasty germs and toxins.
  9. No need to go home after baby is born. You are already there.
  10. It is cheaper. Parent.com estimates that total care from prenatal, delivery, and postnatal is almost $9000. Our midwife was $3000.
  11. No pressure to vaccinate or receive a vaccine on mistake because of a nurse’s habit or protocol. Learn more about vaccines here.
  12. No vitamin K shot.
  13. No antibiotic ointment.
  14. No washing of the baby, removing the valuable vernix.
  15. No toxic footprint ink (seriously, they do this in hospitals).
  16. No pressure to formula-feed.
  17. No pressure to circumcise.
  18. Choose delayed cord clamping.
  19. Lower chance of baby dying by 50% (3 in 10,000 vs 6 in 10,000)
  20. 89% lower risk of being induced into labor.
  21. 77% lower risk of need for resuscitation
  22. 55% lower risk of meconium aspiration
  23. 50% lower risk of admission for neonatal care
  24. 82% lower risk of C-section
  25. 63% lower risk of need for oxygen
  26. Lower risk of infection in mom
  27. Lower risk of laceration and episiotomy
  28. Lower risk of ICU admit
  29. 15% higher likelihood of succesful VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section)

We wish you and your baby the best of health no matter if you birth at home or in a hospital. If you are planning a hospital birth, make sure that your birth plan keeps the toxins out and love in. If you have a family member or friend as the baby advocate, we think that is wise. Someone to make sure that no mistakes are made and your plan is not followed.  Doulas are birth coaches that can be a wonderful help in this area. Learn more about how doulas can help with birth.

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