Aluminum and Heart Disease

Aluminum is a dangerous metal found in many childhood vaccines. Aluminum in vaccines is used to stimulate the immune response to the active ingredient. This would be either a virus or bacterial particle.

Vaccines that currently contain aluminum are: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTaP, Tdap), Haemophilusinfluenzae type b (Hib), human papillomavirus (HPV) and pneumococcal.

Aluminum Stops Cellular Cleansing

Lysosomes are tiny organelles inside of most cells in the body. These are the garbage cans of the cell that digest proteins and other molecules, spitting out their parts to be recycled into other cell components or excreted through stool, urine, sweat, or lungs. Mitochondria are another example of an organelle. 

In order to digest the garbage, the interior of the lysosome is very acidic. The acidity is made possible from an energy consuming process that pumps hydrogen ions into the interior of the lysosome.

Guess what blocks that hydrogen pump? You guessed it, aluminum! (1)

Yes, aluminum blocks the ability of the lysosome to get acidic. If not acidic, it doesn’t work, and cellular garbage starts to collect.

You can imagine the consequences of excess cellular garbage? How would your house look if you didn’t take out the garbage? It reminds me of the TV show, Hoarders.

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Could Aluminum Link to Autoimmune Disease

The lysosome clears out the garbage. This includes dead cells, old cellular debris, and just about everything else.

If the lysosomes aren’t working, the useless debris floats around the body. The debris is detect by the immune system as foreign material. The immune system goes into attack mode and this process is linked to subsequent autoimmune conditions. Please read an excellent review by Drs. Shaw and Tomljenovic (2).

Aluminum Leads to Arterial Blockages

Lysosomes breakdown lipid particles that contain cholesterol. As LDL returns to the liver, it is taken up by LDL receptors. These receptors are like little catchers’ mitts that trap the LDL and bring it into the liver cell. The LDL particle, along with the receptor travel into the lysosome inside the cell.

But because of aluminum, the lysosome is not acidic enough, and this LDL particle/receptor complex is not broken down. So now, the cell becomes full of cholesterol. In a form of negative feedback, the cell no longer puts out receptors to trap LDL particles.

Without uptake into the liver for breakdown and reprocessing, the LDL particles keep circulating around the body, become damaged by inflammation and oxidation, and are TAKEN UP into plaque.

Aluminum Inhibits Crucial Anti-Oxidant

Glutathione is a major detoxifier in the body. It ushers out toxic metals and other pollutants. Low levels are associated with countless diseases. Scientists have found that glutathione levels are low in heart attack patients. Well, aluminum inhibits glutathione production and function (3).

Aluminum Can Also Cause:

– Cardiomyopathy (4)
– Elevated blood sugar (5)
– Oxidative stress (linked to heart disease (6))
– Heart attacks (7)
– Brain disorders and dementia (8)
– Birth defects (9).

All this, thanks to our “friend” aluminum.

Think About All the Sand In the World

Oh….each of the three Hepatitis B vaccine doses contains 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 aluminum atoms. That is roughly equivalent to every grain of sand in the world!

Each atom has the potential to interfere with lysosome function.

Think twice about injecting aluminum into your newborn to supposedly prevent a viral infection linked to IV drugs use and sleeping with prostitutes.

No matter what your opinion is on vaccines, we need to get aluminum out of them. Aluminum serves no biochemical role in the body and inhibits countless enzymes which leads to disease. This is clearly a situation where the medical intervention is more risky than the infection it is designed to prevent.

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