9 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

We know you want to. We know you are trying. But the weight is not coming off. Try these simple hacks to shed that stubborn body fat.

1. Intermittent fasting

Fasting is a technique of detoxification for thousands of years. All religions preach fasting principles to their followers. In short, fasting is a great way to cleanse the body and the soul. Many current studies have found that fasting is an excellent adjunct to a healthy diet and lifestyle. We have seen the same in our patients.

A fast can do many things to assist in weight loss. I think the most important is that the fast breaks food addictions such as grains, sugar, and alcohol. The second thing a fast does is allow insulin levels to drop. Insulin is an energy storage hormone. You can’t burn body fat if your insulin is high. What increases insulin? Sugar, carbs and alcohol. When you fast, fat cells dump their content into the blood to be used for energy. Finally, a fast allows your other organs such a liver, gut and kidneys to take a break from food processing and get busy healing and repairing. When organ function is optimized, weight loss will happen.

We suggest doing a 36-hour water fast once per week. First one is the toughest. Just think about it. Your weekly calorie consumption will be cut by 14%. That must lead to weight loss, right? Yes, it does.

2. Sunshine

In short, the sun energizes your body. Our skin is a solar panel accepting the suns electrical energy and converting it to chemical energy in our bodies. The tiny fuel factories in our cells known as mitochondria can burn fuel more effectively. The fuel from the fat cells is ideal to generate ATP our enzymes need and create intra-cellular water to bathe cellular functions.

3. Sleep

Sleep is when our body repairs itself. Nothing is more important to health and weight loss than sleep. Sleep is linked to lower insulin, lower cortisol, and lower neurohormonal response. Also, when you sleep, that means you are not awake, watching TV, and snacking on starchy carbs like cereal, pretzels, and chips. Not to mention ice cream.

4. Get more active

I could push you to sign up for a gym membership or hire a trainer. Good news is that I won’t. Just go outside and get active. Walk in morning and walk in the evening. Start a garden. Join a yoga class. Go for a hike or bike ride. If you live near water, go for a swim.

5. Reduce stress

When you are under stress, the last thing you think about is healthy food. Argument at home or work? Doubt a broccoli salad is on your mind. Stress leads to bad habits like nighttime snacking and poor sleep. Stress leads you to not exercise.

6. Sneaky sugar sources

Many patients tell me that they do not use sugar. But sugar sneaks in very easily. #1, ketchup and other condiments are a common place for sugar to sneak in. There are some sugar-free ketchups we recommend such as the ketchup from Primal Kitchen. #2, alcohol is pure carbohydrate. You cannot drink alcohol and lose weight. Cut back or stop alcohol. #3, soda pop AND/OR juice. Fruit juice and vegetable juice wind up as a significant source of sugar. Read the labels.

7. Crank up the fiber intake

Fiber from vegetables, nuts/seeds, and my favorite, the avocado, lead to satiety. Feeling full helps you control weight. Also, fiber binds environmental toxins and pollutants that that interfere with good liver function. You need the liver to lose weight.

8. Eat organ meats

An underactive thyroid leads to weight gain. The thyroid gland is responsible for energy and metabolism in your body. You need to give the thyroid the fuel it needs to function like vitamins, minerals, sunshine and organ meats. Eat thyroid gland to boost thyroid function. I think other organs such as liver, pancreas and adrenals help thyroid function. Our ancestors would likely agree.

9. Go organic

Chemicals, toxins and pesticides in our food interfere with body function. Achieving the Paleo weight require gut, liver, gall bladder and kidney health. Get the chemicals out and let your body heal. The weight will fall off, just by going organic. One of the easiest life changes you can make.

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