7 Ways to Slow Down the Course of Aging

A recent study found that the rate of biological aging of Americans is significantly lower than it has been in the past twenty years. Biological aging can be measured by  different health biomarkers. The good news is that while you can’t slow down chronological aging, you can attenuate the course of biological aging to live longer, healthier lives.

The same factors that apply to preventing disease, also apply to slowing aging. Good nutrition, regular exercise, sunshine, reduced exposure to toxins, stress management and chiropractic are all key to manipulating our course of aging.

The goal is to stay younger (and healthier) for longer. You want a long lifespan, but also a long healthspan (which means good physical and mental health). This is where cellular health comes in. Healthy cells are needed for healthy biological aging.

Here are the top science-backed ways to slow down cellular aging.

  1. Go through periods of fasting and feasting

    There is well-established scientific evidence for the effects of fasting on health. The process of fasting also has several anti-aging benefits. Fasting, or the concept of abstaining from eating food for periods of time, activates key anti-aging pathways in the body that ensure mitochondrial health (mitochondria are the energy powerhouses of the cell). These pathways are responsible for generating newer, healthier mitochondria as well as recycling old, damaged cells and debris (a process analogous to cleaning the house). Our ancestors went through periods of fasting and feasting (i.e. they weren’t sitting at their desk snacking all day long). This process of time-restricted feeding is essential to health and longevity. Read more about the benefits of regular fasting here.

  2. Optimize nutrient status

    Nutrition is one of the biggest determinants of your health. Your body needs optimal levels of nutrients to fuel cells and keep them fully functioning. Research has shown that optimal levels of nutrients are key to healthy biological aging and an extended life span. While genetics have historically been blamed for age-related diseases, the concept of epigenetics is now taking hold. Epigenetics is the modification of an individual’s genetic expression as a result of their nutrition and lifestyle behaviors (for better or worse). The health of cellular aging depends on optimal levels of nutrients getting into cells. Get tested with advanced micronutrient testing to analyze your extracellular (blood level) and intracellular (cellular level) of nutrients. Then, treat any deficiencies that are present. For example, omega 3 fatty acid status (an essential fat nutrient) is tested for in this test. Recent research found that omega 3 fats could slow aging in two ways: by reducing oxidative damage and preventing unwanted shortening of telomeres (protein caps on chromosomes that shorten with aging).

  3. Supplement with glutathione

    Glutathione is your body’s master antioxidant. It is made by your body and found within all of your cells (that’s how vitally important it is). Glutathione is responsible for detoxifying the body, destroying free radicals and preventing oxidative damage. Oxidative stress is often the result of exposure to environmental toxins, air pollution, chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins. Oxidative damage is greatly linked to accelerated aging and age-related diseases (for example, this is why smoke exposure dramatically ages individuals). We can prevent harmful oxidative stress to our body by having built up reserves of antioxidants like glutathione. This molecule is our greatest cellular defender. Try our Gluta Boost for anti-aging nourishment. Read more about the health benefits of glutathione here.

  4. Reduce your exposure to toxins

    Toxins can be found anywhere and everywhere these days. Toxins are harmful substances found in air pollution, cosmetics, and pesticides. Long-term exposure to toxins generates great amounts of oxidative stress, which is linked to corresponding age-related decline of cells. For example, toxin exposure is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease. A recent study showed that long-term exposure to air pollution accelerates biological aging and potentiates disease. Try to limit your daily exposure to chemicals as much as you can to slow down cellular aging and prevent disease. When it comes to daily living, use only toxin-free products, buy organic food, drink quality water and purify the air you breathe.

  5. Don’t worry, be happy

    Chronic stress releases hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Long-term elevated levels of cortisol can generate free radicals in the body. Overtime, this cumulative stress leads to oxidative damage and accelerated epigenetic aging. Long-term stress keeps individuals in fight or flight mode and this leads to systemic inflammation over time. Chronic stress also leads to premature aging as it can physiologically shorten DNA telomeres, which causes rapid aging and early death of cells. Focus on ways to manage stress now in order to slow down cellular aging and promote healthy aging in the future.

  6. Do HIIT

    High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is one of the best exercise methods for boosting cellular function. All forms of exercise produce energy for the body, however, research shows that HIIT is the best. Recent research has shown that HIIT produces a boost in the number of mitochondria and an increase in the functioning of the mitochondria (meaning your cells are healthy). A decline in mitochondrial function is linked with advanced aging. It is imperative to maintain the health and functioning of your mitochondria in order to slow down aging.

  7. Try grounding

    The practice of grounding (also called earthing) consists of touching your bare skin to the earth (grass, dirt, rocks, sand, sea, etc.). It is pure electrical conduction and there is a vast amount evidence reporting its many health benefits. Grounding has been scientifically studied for its beneficial ability to draw electrons (or energy) from the earth and into the body producing antioxidant effects that can lower inflammation and fight off free radicals and oxidative damage. Recharge your body with the earth regularly to stave off aging and keep your cells healthy.

What other things help to slow the impact of aging?

  • Get sunshine
  • Sleep well
  • Keep your gut healthy
  • See a chiropractor regularly

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