A Greens Juice Cleanse is Heart Healthy

Are you tired, gaining wait, have poor sleep or lack energy?

If so, you are like millions around the world. But get ready for an incredible way to reset the system.

Enter, The Greens Juice Cleanse.

Before we get into the “Hows”, let’s talk about why.

The following may come as a shock, but the #1 reason to cleanse is to break food addictions. Whether your vice is chocolate, bread, cheese, ice cream, or even coffee, The Greens Juice Cleanse is the way to go. By juicing, fiber is removed. This allows your gut to rest and easily absorb nutrients.

Other reasons to cleanse:

  1. Detox your liver
  2. Sweep out your colon
  3. Clear your mind
  4. Flush your kidneys
  5. Scrub your heart and arteries

For ANY symptom, a greens juice cleanse will help.

If you would like a coach to guide you along, give us a call. One of our certified health coaches can help.

Now for the How.

1) Pick a start date.

It is best to take a week off from work. I prefer to start the cleanse on a Saturday and go for a minimum of 7 days. You need the time away from work to rest, relax, and do the other tasks that make up a truly detoxing cleanse.

2) Get a quality juicer.

The key is a slow, masticating juicer to preserve all the nutrients. We recommend Greenstar(buy here) or Omega(buy here). Make your juice fresh every morning for the entire day. Clean your juicer daily.

3) Buy ORGANIC produce.

All components of the juice must be organic. Juicing pesticide produce only serves to concentrate the poisons. Don’t do it. We prefer local veggies if possible. You are going to need a lot of veggies, so stock up.

Produce on the juice cleanse menu includes: cucumber, celery, spinach, cabbage (green or purple), lettuce (any kind), kale, carrot, chard, beets and beet greens, arugula and fennel. Garlic and ginger are excellent additions. Fresh lemon helps the taste of some of the stronger juices if you used too much kale or chard.

Expect to drink 3-4, 16 oz. juices each day. If you are hungry, drink another juice. Mix and match ingredients based on what is available, but the base of the juice should be cucumber, lettuce, and celery.

Please drink plenty of high quality water during the cleanse. We recommend purchasing a system from our friends at Pristine Hydro.

Each night before bed, drink one shot of organic olive oil to flush the liver and gall bladder. We love this brand. Add fresh lemon juice to cut the taste of the olive oil.

What else do you do that week?

  • Get a massage (or two)
  • Get a colonic before the cleanse, and one during the cleanse. You should also have enema bags handy. If you are not moving your bowels, daily enema with warm water can help. You must move your bowels EVERY day.
  • Get access to a sauna, preferably an infrared. Buy one from Sunlighten. Sweating is key to a good cleanse and the infrared penetrates deep into your cells and mitochondria.
  • Walk, gentle hike and slow bike ride. Nothing strenuous.
  • Sleep at sundown and awake at sunrise. Take a nap too.
  • Get sunshine.
  • Get away from electronics and chemicals. Read a book.
  • Avoid stress. Don’t work.

Call us today and schedule a consult with a health coach. 480 535 6855 to get back on track and enjoy your best health, now and forever.

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