5 Tips for Better Erectile Function

Erectile dysfunction strikes millions of men in the U.S. alone. In fact, some sources claim over half of men above age 40 describe some level of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Men typically don’t like to talk about ED. The partner in their lives do, but again, the men don’t. ED is seen as a sign of weakness or loss of their manhood.

The Good News…We Can Fix This

My patient Todd is a 55-year-old male. He came in with his wife looking for natural heart health solutions. 20 minutes into the 90-minute visit, a real pain point came out. Todd was not able to achieve a good erection. His wife was upset, but Todd was outright depressed over it.

Let’s fix the problem (and how Todd did it).

I am going to give you natural solutions to ED but also want to tell you a sobering fact.

Erectile dysfunction is linked to a markedly higher risk of heart attack stroke and dying.

You see, ED is caused by several factors, including the other “ED”, endothelial dysfunction.

The inner lining of blood vessels is called the endothelium. When these cells are not working, blood vessels don’t work. And when blood vessels to your penis don’t work, you’re in trouble and reaching for Viagra.

Evidence-based supplements can help!

Another scary fact

The less sex you have, the HIGHER your heart attack risk, according to a recent study.

The study found that the optimal sexual activity is around 1-2 x per week. I am not aware of data that says more often causes harm, but less than once per week certainly does. 

Here is the solution….

Fix the endothelium, fix the blood vessels, fix the ED, and lower your heart attack risk.

Here are some simple strategies to fix your blood vessels, help your ED and lower your heart attack risk.

  • Get tested. We advise male hormone testing, micronutrient testing, and salivary nitric oxide testing. For a free consultation on how we can help, you need a coach on your team. Schedule a free call with our Men’s Vitality coaches at The Drs. Wolfson HERE.
  • Get sleep. Healthy blood vessels, erectile function and libido are not possible without adequate sleep. Our ancestors got into bed with the sundown and awoke with the sunshine. And while you are in bed, you can utilize your improved erections. Need sleep help…read this post
  • Get sun. Awake before the sun and get sunshine…naked. Yes, sunshine to your male parts is sure to boost testosterone and the extra sun to your skin boost vitamin D and improved blood flow. Don’t run out and get a sunburn. Gradually increase your sun exposure.
  • Avoid stress. Anxiety, depression, and stress destroy your libido, mess with your hormones, and kill erectile function. Mediation, yoga, massage, laughing, and soft music are sure to reduce your stress and improve ED. Work stress, family stress, financial stress needs to be remedied and your ED will improve.
  • Supplements will help. We developed the Nitric Oxide booster combo to be nature’s alternative to the Blue Pill. Men (and their partner) are loving this product combo. Buy your “Boner Juice” here.

Breakfast in b

Since being under my care and addressing the 5 things above, Todd is back in the game.

We did some in-depth testing and found his testosterone was low-normal, B vitamins were low and his omega-3 was almost non-existent.

Todd cleaned up his nutrition, followed some strategies to reduce stress, got in the sun (naked sometimes!) and went to sleep and hour earlier.

He started evidence-based supplements including our Heart Beet, Vessel Support, Omega DHA and our MULTI. 

His wife is thrilled for two reasons: Todd lowered his heart attack risk and they can get back to the intimacy they enjoyed years ago.

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